Make sure to read my previous post about the new Youtube updates, and how small bloggers like myself will be affected – and also how these giveaways are my way of thanking everyone for helping to support me! Thank you so much to everyone who entered my previous giveaway!

For my third giveaway, one winner will receive a brand new, full-size refillable Angel Eau De Parfum from Thierry Mugler.

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Angel launched in 1992, and revolutionised the fragrance industry. It’s truly one of the most unique fragrances on the market.

Classified as an oriental vanilla, it has notes of bergamot, vanilla, red berries, caraway, nutmeg, sandalwood, patchouli, tonka bean, praline, and more. It’s sweet and strong, lasting all day long due to the high concentration of perfume oil in every drop!

Here’s a tip for the Mugler fragrances: do not spray multiple sprays directly on the skin. It’s simply way too strong when applied this way as the perfumes are so concentrated. Instead, spray a little in the air before you get dressed, and walk through it!

I’m also including a mini sample – that way you can try it before opening to see if its the right fragrance for you!

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  3. Comment on this post or on my Instagram post letting me know you’ve entered!

This giveaway is open worldwide! I will be contacting the winner personally.

If you’re a small blogger like me and will be affected by this change, leave your channel name in the comments so we can help each other out!

Stay tuned for my next giveaway!

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Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone who entered my previous giveaway! I had so much fun hosting it – and admittedly felt a little like Santa Claus. I wish I could have given the prize to everyone who entered, but sadly my bank account wouldn’t quite allow that. I promised that I had more exciting giveaways planned though!

I’m super exciting to announce my next giveaway – the Thierry Mugler Angel Eau De Parfum! This is a brand new, unopened, 25ml Refillable Eau De Parfum.

Angel is a super unique gourmand scent that is deep, sensual, and oriental. It’s rich with berry notes, caramel, and oriental spices. Some of the notes include bergamot, patchouli, sandalwood, and mandarin.

What I think is one of the coolest aspects of Thierry Mugler, is that some of the fragrances (like the one in this giveaway) are refillable! Once empty, you can take this bottle to department stores or any beauty/fragrance store that offers the Thierry Mugler refillable service! It’s much cheaper to refill it than it is to buy a new bottle!

This giveaway is a thank you to my followers, so you must be following me on Instagram to enter!

You can enter easily here!

If the link above doesn’t work, click this link:

There are a ton of different ways you can enter! Good luck, everyone!