Welcome to the 3rd instalment of my makeup declutter series!



For part 3 of my makeup declutter series, I tackled my eyeshadow palettes! This was probably the smallest section to declutter, however that made it no easier. Eyeshadow palettes are one of my favourite things to collect, and parting with them was no easy task. Watch my video to see which palettes I’m getting rid of, and why!

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 It’s hard to believe that a few years ago, my makeup collection was completely without palettes. It’s even more weird to think that the idea of an eyeshadow palette seemed intimidating and unnecessary. “Why would anyone need all those eyeshadows?” was an actual thought that crossed my mind when I was younger-a thought that now seems completely unfathomable as I look at my overflowing makeup drawers.

The first good quality eyeshadow palette that I got was the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. This was a complete game changer for me-suddenly I had all these different colours, and I was thinking and planning all the different looks that I could create with them.

In the last year, as my makeup addiction has grown, I’ve accumulated a few more palettes. After playing around with them all, I decided to make a post all about my current favourites!


First and foremost, the Stila “In The Light” Palette.


This is my absolute favourite. Words cannot even accurately describe my love for this palette. The colours are more on the neutral side, with a lovely range of neutral mattes, to warm-toned shimmers and cooler tones, as well as brown, and black. The textures of the shadows are phenomenal-“Kitten” especially. It’s rich and velvety, super pigmented, and blends beautifully. My favourite colours are “Kitten”, “Bliss”, “Sandstone”, and “Bubbly”.

These shadows can be used wet or dry-the brush can be dampened with water, or (as I prefer) with a spray of Mac Fix+.

The palette goes for around $50, but is worth every single penny. The shadows last such a long time, are so pigmented, and the palette also comes with a Smudge Stick (eyeliner).

Next up is the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette


I wasn’t overly impressed with this palette when I first purchased it, and it sat in my drawer unused for a while. Over the past couple of months I decided to give it another try, and recently fell in love with it! It really does have a gorgeous range of rose-toned shades, although as it is mostly all pink-toned, I can see why it might not appeal to everyone.

It’s a great palette for creating romantic and flirty looks, and is perfect for bridal makeup!

My favourite colours are “Dust”, “Limit”, “Nooner”, and “Blackheart”.

It is on the pricier side, ranging from $50-60. But it is a good investment if you’re looking for the perfect rose-toned palette.

Next is the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette:


This is one of my favourites for a versatile, neutral palette that has a good range of colours. The mattes are so nicely pigmented-a little shadow goes a long way! The shimmer shades are gorgeous as well, however they do tend to have a stiff protective surface layer that can initially seem as though they aren’t pigmented-I assure you that if you rub the top layer off a bit, then the shadows work beautifully!

My favourite shades are S2, S3, M2, and M3.

The price is around $50, which is pretty average for a palette. If you’re just starting out in the makeup world and are looking for a great starter palette that will offer a wide range of looks and colours, this palette would be great for you!

Last, but definitely not least, is the MAC Kelly Osbourne “Bloody Brilliant” Quad.


This quad is from the MAC Osbourne collection that came out a few months ago. It has gorgeous cool, purple-toned shades. You can read about it here!

My favourite shade from this quad is “Tickety Boo” which is a muted brown-toned plum.

Sadly this palette was limited edition and might be very hard to find now, but it is a great quad and if you can get your hands on it, I highly suggest it!

What are your favourite palettes?