If you’re a skincare junkie like I am, chances are you’ve heard of the Advanced Night Repair serum. This magic little bottle has been the core of Estée Lauder for over 25 years.

Not only does it have over 25+ patents, but is actually the #1 repair serum in North America. Estée Lauder was one of the first companies to create the anti-aging category, and this serum (at the time of its first launch with the original formula) was not only the first product of its kind, but also the first product made to help repair skin from environmental assaults and aging. This product revolutionized the idea of skin care, and continues to set the precedent for repair products to this day.

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If you read my Clinique Turnaround Revitalizing Lotion review, you may have noticed that I’m slightly obsessed with the new booster/essence trend.

Essences, booster steps, and “watery lotions” have been a huge trend in Asian beauty and skincare for a while now. It’s only been recently that they’ve started to dramatically increase in popularity throughout North America.

I think my obsession sparked when Shiseido launched their Ultimune Concentrate in 2014. This was marketed as an “skin-immunity booster” that could be used in conjunction with other serums and skincare products. While not marketed as an essence, this “concentrate” is very similar in concept.

Others have followed, such as the recently-launched Biotherm Life Plankton Essence, the Clinique Turnaround Revitalizing Lotion, and an exciting one from Elizabeth Arden that should be launching in September – each different in their own way.

Working in cosmetics and skincare, I’ve had a ton of questions recently about how they work and what they do. So what are these mysterious products?

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Essences typically have smaller molecules, allowing them to absorb deeper into the skin. These are usually a more concentrated formula and are more effective, since they treat at the cellular level.

Essences come in a variety of formulas and textures. Depending on how concentrated they are and the texture, they can also be referred to as serums, boosters, or concentrates (like the Shiseido Ultimune!)

Tip: With watery textures, I find a lot gets wasted if you use it on a cotton pad. You can pour a little into your fingertips and apply directly to the face, or transfer to a spray bottle and mist the face! 

There’s a lot of dispute as to whether these are basically glorified toners. While some may be seen as replacing/revolutionizing the toner world, many are in fact not the same as a toner. Most toner’s usually finish the cleaning process/begin the moisturizing process. Essences and boosters, on the other hand, are actual treatment. Most are very different in formula and texture.

So when do you use these? After cleaning and toning (to ensure the skin is cleansed of dirt and impurities and thus more receptive to treatment). Depending on the texture, you may prefer to use this before or after your serum. For the Clinique Turnaround Revitalizing Lotion, I personally like to use this after my serum and before my moisturizer.

Tapping/pressing these into the skin works best – try to avoid rubbing and tugging at your skin!

Have you tried any essences or boosters? What are your thoughts on them?

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Graduation time is approaching for many – for those of you graduating, it can be a time of excitement, apprehension, and let’s face it: stress. As a makeup artist and beauty advisor, one of the biggest stressors that I hear about for any special event is skin. Everyone wants their skin to look perfect for that special event.

I thought I’d put together a post sharing my skincare arsenal of tips, tricks, and product recommendations!

These tips can be applicable to everyone and for any special event, not only those graduating!

First things first:

Helping Your Skin: 

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La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water: I’ve had this product for months, but never really used it regularly – except on hot summer days. After learning about it at training, I decided to give it a proper try and completely fell in love. It’s now become a regular part of my skincare routine, and has really helped hydrate and soothe my sensitive and irritated skin.

What it is: It’s a therapeutic, soothing, healing, anti-oxidant rich spring water, packed with loads of incredible minerals. It can be used to help with itching/irritations, burns, soothe redness, after cosmetic procedures, helps protect the skin from free-radicals, external aggressors, and even helps fight the signs of aging! I genuinely look forward to using this every day – it feels like a spa experience. La Roche Posay infuses their spring water into all of their products!

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Yes, I know that it’s already almost mid-October. This video is extremely late, I had wanted to post this for the end of September but unfortunately got so caught up in work and school that I just did not have the time to film or edit. I contemplated not making a September Favourites video at all, but decided to just put together a quick-ish video talking about my favourite products this past month!

It was quite gloomy out during filming day, so the colours are cool and not the brightest-my apologies!

Hope you enjoy and I would love love love it if you left me a comment or subscribed!

Make sure to check out my September Favourites blog post for a more in-depth look at these products!