The time has finally come for a makeup declutter! Well, technically the time came long ago, but I couldn’t seem to bring myself to do it. To say that my makeup collection is cluttered would be a gross understatement; I’m a makeup-hoarder, and not afraid to admit it.

Why I’m Decluttering

In the past, I’ve been quite a makeup-shopping addict. Buying new makeup every week was normal, and always made me happy.  It was a way to instantly improve my mood – I wanted to collect as much makeup as I could. 2018, however, has definitely been a time of change. I’ve started to shift into more of a minimalist mindset and realize how much product I’ve accumulated that I truly don’t need – and how desperately I need a makeup declutter. I think we as humans fall very easily into the trap of over-abundance. We think that the more we have, the happier we will be. It got to a point where I simply was overwhelmed by the amount of product I’ve accumulated and wasn’t using it effectively. There is so much that I don’t use, don’t like, and quite frankly a lot that just needs to be thrown in the garbage.

Join me in this makeup declutter as I attempt to tackle the mess that is my makeup collection. Stay tuned for the next video in this series!

As a disclaimer, this post is in no way designed to brag or insult any brands/products. 

What are your must-have products that you could never part with? Let me know in the comments below!

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New & Hot at Sephora



There are always so many exciting new launches at Sephora, especially during May-June. This is peak time for Summer launches, and this year definitely has no shortage of newness. I put together a list of the new & hot launches at Sephora – all of which are from cruelty-free brands!


Oh boy. Where does one even begin? My wallet is practically weeping – I want everything! These are all prestige brands, so they are pricey – however, these are some of my all-time favourite brands. They are high quality, high-performance brands focusing on quality ingredients – and most importantly, they are cruelty-free (because really, it’s 2018 and testing on animals is barbaric and unnecessary!)

Products On My Radar


I’m most intrigued by the Hourglass & Marc Jacobs setting powders, as they’re rumoured to be absolutely incredible. I love using loose powder to set my makeup, especially ultra finely-milled powder as it looks the most natural and undetectable on the skin!

Lip Glosses

Lip glosses are one of the most popular trends for the summer. While this may not be particularly groundbreaking, I’m a firm believer that you can never have too many lip glosses. There are so many shades and formulas, and this season sees a surge of high-shine and metallic glosses. The Becca Glow Lip Gloss looks stunning from what I’ve seen in review videos! The Marc Jacobs Enamored Hydrating Gloss Stick has definitely sparked my interest. I love the regular glosses, so to see a new formula in a stick?! I’m not sure what to expect from this, but I shall have to investigate further!

Setting Sprays

In the sun and heat, we need all the help we can get to keep our makeup looking fresh. Setting sprays are an absolute must for me. Not only are they key to absorbing any excess powder sitting on the skin and adding a healthy glow, they also help to lock your makeup in place to prolong your makeup wear!  Cover FX recently launched the High-Performance Setting spray, and I’ll definitely be trying it once I’ve used up my Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray!



What new products are you most excited for?

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Tarte recently launched this holiday season’s limited edition blush palette – 8 shades of blushes and 2 highlighters for $57 CAD!

The breakdown: 

  • $57 CAD
  • 8 blushes (0.084 oz/ 2.4 g each)
  • 2 highlighters (0.084 oz/ 2.4 g each)

It features Tarte’s Amazonian clay blush formula – one of my personal favourite blush formulas on the market – in a double-sided palette with an array of tones.

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It’s that eagerly anticipated time of the year – the Sephora holiday sale! If you’re a VIB Rouge member, you’ve likely already received your sale cards in the mail or eMail.

The holiday season is typically the most launch-heavy season, with endless amounts of gift sets, limited edition packaging, and holiday products. With so many exciting launches, it can be hard to decide what to buy.
For this year’s holiday sale, I cultivated a list of the most recent/noteworthy launches, along with value sets I definitely think are worth the price. These are all products I personally have my eye on – and all are from cruelty free brands (because it’s 2017, and testing on animals is cruel and unnecessary.)

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In the spirit of the Christmas season (and the upcoming Sephora VIB & VIB Rouge sale!) I thought I’d include a list of new & noteworthy products that have captured my attention. These are some new and exciting products at Sephora that look incredible, many of which would make great gifts for any beauty lover in your life!

Now as a disclaimer, I’m really not a fan of wish lists. Giving people a list of things you want seems a bit materialistic and inorganic to me. I truly don’t believe that Christmas or the Holiday season should be about gifts, wish lists, or sales. That may be somewhat difficult in our very material-driven society, but I think the purpose of gift-giving shouldn’t be “give me a list of all the things you want” but rather “I saw this, and it made me think of you. I thought it might make you happy.”

With that being said, this list was not compiled for the sake of “omg here’s a list of stuff I want please, buy it for me!!” Instead, I compiled this list to show some new & noteworthy items at sephora (with a couple items launching soon to keep an eye out for!) Perhaps you may want to add these items to your own wish lists, or pick them up during the upcoming Sephora VIB sale!

Tarteist PRO Amazonian Clay Palette: I have had my eye on this since seeing sneak peeks from the trip that some of the beauty gurus took with Tarte a few months ago! It looks like such a gorgeous and unique palette! I have more palettes than I will ever use up, so while I really don’t need another palette, I’m really trying to add different shades to my collection. This palette is huge and includes some really gorgeous and interesting shades, with purples, pinks, warm, neutral, and cool tones! I will definitely be picking this up during the sale!!


Sunday Riley UFO Ultra Clarifying Face Oil: I have heard amazing things about Sunday Riley, particularly the face oils. My skin is combination-oily currently, and I am very prone to breakouts. My best friend Claudia has been raving about this oil! It’s quite a steep price, and not really in my budget at present. It is something I may consider during the sale though!


Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick: I haven’t tried any of the Huda Beauty liquid lipsticks yet, but I have tried the Rose Gold Palette and her lip liners, and I absolutely love them! I definitely want to try the shades “Medusa,” “Icon,” and “Bombshell.” This is another product Claudia has raved about – I swear, her encouraging me to spend so much on makeup is part of the reason why I’m a Sephora VIB Rouge member.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette: Too Faced has been teasing images of their upcoming Sweet Peach collection for a couple of months now, and my anticipation grows with every passing day. The collection features a few different products, all of which supposedly smell like peach! This is a repromoted product – it launched last year, was limited edition, and sold out incredibly fast! I didn’t end up purchasing it then, but I’m strongly considering it now!


NARS Velvet Lip Guide: NARS recently launched these liquid lip products that are supposedly a liquid lipstick/lip lacquer hybrid. NARS describes them as having a semi-matte yet hydrating and comfortable finish. I briefly swatched them in stores and personally, I find them to be more of a lip lacquer/long-lasting opaque gloss. I’ve got my eye on the shades “Unlaced,” “Playpen,” and “Bound.”


Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Highlighting Palette: I 100% need to get my hands on this highlighting palette. I’m a huge fan of palettes that are compact yet include a highlight, contour/bronzer, and a blush. They’re perfect for travelling! This collection is supposed to launch online December 15th, and in stores January 6th.


Tarte Tarteist Toolbox Brush Set & Magnetic Palette: Tarte is seriously killing it with all these new launches and holiday products. I purchased the holiday brush set from last year (review here!) and was so happy I did. These brush sets are an incredible value for anyone wanting to build their brush collection, and make excellent gifts!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario: Mario Dedanovic (Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist who has quickly become one of the most famous makeup artists in the industry, and one of my personal favourites) recently collaborated with Anastasia Beverly Hills to create a gorgeous eyeshadow palette. It is no longer available at sephora, but may return for a second round. While I couldn’t justify purchasing it at the time, I still find myself thinking about it. It it returns to Sephora, I may not be able to resist!

Cover FX The Perfect Light Highlighting Powder: Cover FX has been doing a ton of revamping recently. They launched their Custom Highlight Drops, which have been taking social media by storm. I recently tried them in the shade “Moonlight” and fell in love. These Highlighting powders are brand new, and are supposed to offer a much more subtle, soft glow. This product is currently sitting in my Sephora online cart, eagerly waiting for the sale!


What products are on your wish list this year?