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Pasta is synonymous with happiness. Well, not really, but it should be. I would eat pasta every day if it were healthy to do so. One of my favourite things to do is try to make pasta bit healthier – such as using a gluten-free or brown rice pasta, and making the sauces out of things like vegetables and beans.

Then again, sometimes you just need a good old-fashion comfort food pasta. I love Stroganoff and knew I wanted to veganize a recipe. I began searching for different ones online, and while there are lots of great ones – like this one from Caitlin of From My Bowl – I knew I wanted to play around and see what I could come up with.

This instantly became one of my favourite recipes. It’s a super easy, one-pot mushroom-stroganoff style pasta. It’s dairy free, vegan, and can be customized in a ton of different ways! !

Best of all it’s easy, quick, and can be made in just one pot!

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 9.59.12 PM.png


  • When adding your pasta, the liquid should be just covering the pasta. Depending on the pasta you’re using, you may need to add an extra 1-2 cups water.
  • I decided to add extra pasta for leftovers, so I added an extra 1 & 1/2 cups water.
  • The beefless ground is optional but adds extra heartiness, protein, and that “traditional” stroganoff texture. You could substitute this with lentils!
  • Omit sprinkle of vegan cheese for a healthier option
  • You can use any type of pasta, but I prefer gluten-free. It’s healthier and easier on the stomach! My current favourite is the Catelli Gluten-Free pasta, or brown rice pasta.

Is it seriously already March?! Did we enter some sort of time warp in which time passes in hyperspeed?

February passed in the blink of an eye, with the hustle and bustle of my birthday and the busyness of work.

Here’s what my February looked like on Instagram:

Feb 2016 Collage

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I also hosted a Clarins giveaway (which is now closed) but I plan on trying to host a new giveaway nearly every month! Make sure you’re following me on my Facebook page to be notified about new giveaways!

If you read my review of the Morphe 35O palette, you likely heard me raving about my new found love of Morphe Brushes. It’s a brand that has taken the internet and beauty industry by storm as of late – definitely thanks to the big-name youtubers and beauty bloggers!

I was initially skeptical about Morphe, considering the price point is so low. The 35O palette totally blew me away, so I wanted to test out other products to see if they were just as good!

P1190864The 12S palette is definitely no exception. Once again, Morphe has wowed me with their incredible quality!

The Details: 

Launch date: Fall 2015

Availability: new from the Pick Me Up Collection, permanent launch. Can be purchased here!

Price: $14.99

It features 12 shimmery, metallic, mostly warm-toned eyeshadows.

The Textures: Just like the shimmery tones from the Morphe 35O palette, the textures of the 12S are ultra-buttery and pigmented. One small swatch with your finger gives you a highly-pigmented color payoff. They have a stunning shimmery, metallic finish. This palette does not include any mattes.


The shades: because this is a summer-inspired palette, the shades are mostly all warm toned. Lots of golds, bronzes, and some peachy-red tones. The only shade that’s on the cooler side is the silvery/pewter shade in the middle photo.  This palette makes me want to throw on some sandals, a floral kimono, and go for a summer drive (which may be difficult, as it’s currently -10 celsius in the middle of winter.)

Every single shade in the palette is gorgeous and pigmented. There are endless possibilities of combinations you can create!

My only complaint with this particular palette is that the lack of matte or satin shades made it difficult for blending – shimmers and mattes work best together for creating blending, definition, and shading!

While I definitely don’t think this is one of those “all you’ll ever need” palettes, it is a fantastic one to add to any shimmer-lover’s collection!



20160119744284552 2

Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone who entered my previous giveaway! I had so much fun hosting it – and admittedly felt a little like Santa Claus. I wish I could have given the prize to everyone who entered, but sadly my bank account wouldn’t quite allow that. I promised that I had more exciting giveaways planned though!

I’m super exciting to announce my next giveaway – the Thierry Mugler Angel Eau De Parfum! This is a brand new, unopened, 25ml Refillable Eau De Parfum.

Angel is a super unique gourmand scent that is deep, sensual, and oriental. It’s rich with berry notes, caramel, and oriental spices. Some of the notes include bergamot, patchouli, sandalwood, and mandarin.

What I think is one of the coolest aspects of Thierry Mugler, is that some of the fragrances (like the one in this giveaway) are refillable! Once empty, you can take this bottle to department stores or any beauty/fragrance store that offers the Thierry Mugler refillable service! It’s much cheaper to refill it than it is to buy a new bottle!

This giveaway is a thank you to my followers, so you must be following me on Instagram to enter!

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Hello everyone! I am so excited to announce that I’m doing my very first giveaway! If you read yesterday’s post about my Salcura skincare experience and review, then you know that I have totally fallen in love with the brand, and that it has helped my eczema immensely!

(You can enter right here on my facebook page!)

(this giveaway is now closed)
Salcura has generously offered to give one of my followers/readers a chance to win some skincare!! I absolutely love giveaways, and have been wanting to do one since I first started blogging. I recently hit a blogging milestone, and thought this would be a perfect time to host a giveaway!


The giveaway will be running from November 27th to December 4th, and you can enter by following myself and Salcura on Instagram, but also here for extra entries and more chances to win!

One of you lovely people will win some Salcura products geared towards hydrated dry, winter skin!

If you’d like the chance to win some Salcura skincare, click here!