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For my third giveaway, one winner will receive a brand new, full-size refillable Angel Eau De Parfum from Thierry Mugler.

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Angel launched in 1992, and revolutionised the fragrance industry. It’s truly one of the most unique fragrances on the market.

Classified as an oriental vanilla, it has notes of bergamot, vanilla, red berries, caraway, nutmeg, sandalwood, patchouli, tonka bean, praline, and more. It’s sweet and strong, lasting all day long due to the high concentration of perfume oil in every drop!

Here’s a tip for the Mugler fragrances: do not spray multiple sprays directly on the skin. It’s simply way too strong when applied this way as the perfumes are so concentrated. Instead, spray a little in the air before you get dressed, and walk through it!

I’m also including a mini sample – that way you can try it before opening to see if its the right fragrance for you!

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Well, my fellow Directioners, One Direction has done it again – they have come out with yet another deliciously adorable fragrance. The newest addition to their fragrance line, “You & I” is  described as a bright, fresh, fruity floral.

Top notes: fruity – mango, peach blossom, grapefruit.

Mid notes: floral – peony, osmanthus, orchid. 

Dry notes: praline, sandalwood, musk 

PicMonkey Collage

My first impression of this fragrance were the delicious fruity top notes- the very subtle citrus of the grapefruit mixed beautifully with peach and mango. After a few seconds, the floral mid notes start to surface.

I would personally describe it as a romantic, sweet floral fragrance.

“You & I” is definitely a fresher, more floral-based scent compared to their previous 2 fragrances. The floral is in no way overpowering, however – it’s a perfect combination of fresh floral, subtle citrus, and sweet fruit.

The design: a funky, jewel-shaped bottle with clear glass, purple, and gold outlining. All of their fragrance bottles so far have had a sort of angular, jewel-shaped vibe to them. This one (in comparison to the previous fragrances) is longer and taller, with a longer and thinner  bottle cap.


I absolutely love this fragrance, although I’m pretty sure that I will love any fragrance that One Direction comes out with (oops, my inner 13 year old fangirl is showing again)

I do personally think that this is more of a spring/summer fragrance, as with their “That Moment” fragrance.

Bottomline: If you like fresh, fruity floral fragrances – or if you happen to be a massive One Direction fan, I highly recommend trying this one out! If you hate florals, you might like the “That Moment” fragrance more, as it has a stronger fruity scent.

It can currently be purchased in gift sets that typically come with a body lotion/body wash. If you can find a box set, they really are a much better value!

Have you tried this fragrance? What are your thoughts on it?

(Photos/description info courtesy of the One Direction Fragrances website) 


The perfume: juicy, sweet, and feminine. It has a floral scent with a slight, sweet musk. The top notes are pink grapefruit, berries, and redcurrant, with subtler tones of freesia, jasmine, creamy musk, and white patchouli. The band was involved in the entire perfume making process, and they all got to choose the scents and tones, which I think is pretty darn cute. It reminds me of some sort of sweet, floral candy-like smell.

If you love sweeter scents with a hint of floral, I definitely recommend checking it out. I am absolutely head-over-heels in love with it!

My wonderful aunt got me this gift set for Christmas, and I could not be happier about it!! It comes with a body cream, which is the same scent so that you can layer the products for a longer-lasting scent. I’ve had some problems with scented creams in the past, but I applied it to my arms tonight and haven’t had any reactions! Either my fragrance allergy has faded, or this product just happens to magically not make me itchy!

I don’t protest to being a huge “directioner” buuuut I will admit that I have a weak spot for boy bands, particularly those of the cute British variety. I really liked them during their time on the X Factor, but then got annoyed with all the pre-teen fans and that a lot of their poppy music just didn’t showcase their talent.

Then, recently, I listened to “Truly, Madly, Deeply” and “Little Things” and I may possibly have re-fallen in love with them.

A few days ago, I went into a Shopper’s Drug Mart and the cosmetics associate had me smell a bunch of different perfumes. I told her that I love sweet scents, to which she excitedly replied, “oh, I have the perfect one for you!” She sprayed the mystery perfume onto a perfume sampling sheet, and as soon as the delicious scent filled my nostrils, I knew that I wanted whatever it was.

Then, when she told me that it was the One Direction perfume, my desire for it was not lessened, but greatly amplified. I didn’t know that I wanted it, I knew that I needed it. And I was not ashamed in the slightest to admit that.

Does this make me a Directioner? Perhaps. But hey, at least I’ll be a delicious smelling Directioner!