The time has finally come for a makeup declutter! Well, technically the time came long ago, but I couldn’t seem to bring myself to do it. To say that my makeup collection is cluttered would be a gross understatement; I’m a makeup-hoarder, and not afraid to admit it.

Why I’m Decluttering

In the past, I’ve been quite a makeup-shopping addict. Buying new makeup every week was normal, and always made me happy.  It was a way to instantly improve my mood – I wanted to collect as much makeup as I could. 2018, however, has definitely been a time of change. I’ve started to shift into more of a minimalist mindset and realize how much product I’ve accumulated that I truly don’t need – and how desperately I need a makeup declutter. I think we as humans fall very easily into the trap of over-abundance. We think that the more we have, the happier we will be. It got to a point where I simply was overwhelmed by the amount of product I’ve accumulated and wasn’t using it effectively. There is so much that I don’t use, don’t like, and quite frankly a lot that just needs to be thrown in the garbage.

Join me in this makeup declutter as I attempt to tackle the mess that is my makeup collection. Stay tuned for the next video in this series!

As a disclaimer, this post is in no way designed to brag or insult any brands/products. 

What are your must-have products that you could never part with? Let me know in the comments below!

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Pride 2018

Happy Pride month, everyone! I wanted to share the Pride makeup look that I created to celebrate this year. I had so much fun creating this, and seeing everyone else’s incredible Pride makeup looks.

June is a very important month, and a time that I truly believe represents positive change and progress for our society. Our world has a long way to go in terms of equality, acceptance, and inclusivity, but Pride is important to celebrate the progress we’ve made towards being a more peaceful and accepting society.

Sadly I wasn’t able to attend my city’s Pride Parade this year. I did, however, get to go to a special Pride Month showing of Call Me By Your Name with one of my best friends. One of my favourite parts of Pride Month is seeing people express their creativity with Pride colours. Most of this includes colourful Pride makeup (which I don’t do nearly enough of) and colourful outfits –  which I sadly don’t have much of in my wardrobe, as my style tends to consist of enough black to attend a funeral in a different outfit every day for months.

Instead, I thought I would play up my makeup to celebrate! I recently purchased the Huda Beauty Obsessions palette in “Electric” – and instantly knew I needed to use it to create a colourful Pride makeup look.


On The Eyes:

On The Face:



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For the fourth day of Blogmas, I wanted to include my review of a palette that has been all over social media lately! Whether you’re thinking of a gift for a makeup lover in your life, or a gift for you (treat yo’ self!) this palette is difficult to find in stores to swatch. It is also on the expensive side, so before taking the plunge to invest in a palette, I always like to look at swatches and reviews!


I figured this would be an ideal time, what with Christmas coming and the upcoming Sephora VIB Holiday Rewards coming up! (Spend a certain amount, get a certain amount off!)

I purchased the palette during the Sephora VIB Rouge sale, and got it for 20% off! This was a palette I knew that I desperately wanted as soon as I saw photos circulating the internet. I was immediately intrigued by the shades and foiled textures! I had read some mixed reviews – while most were very positive, some people seemed to receive defective palettes.

The palette features 18 shades of varying textures: mattes, metallic foils, and pressed pearlescent shimmers. It retails for $65 US, and $85 Canadian. While that seems like a hefty price, you do get 18 shades – it works out to about $4.70 per shadow.


Huda Kattan, an entrepreneur and beauty guru recently launched her own makeup line, and this is her debut palette! I think it’s such a unique palette with the pink and red shades, especially combined with the metallic foil textures!

As for the textures, sephora describes them as followed:

3D Metal eye shadow:

  • Dubai (smoky bronze)
  • Fling (sparkly cranberry)
  • 24K (lavish gold), Rose Gold (rose gold)
  • Trust Fund (ritzy copper)
  • Blessed (vintage gold)

Chromatic pressed pearls eye shadow

  • Angelic (sweet pink with gold reflections)
  • Moon Dust (astral gold illumination)

Saturated Matte eye shadow

  • Bossy (bold maroon clay)
  • Flamingo (dashing pink)
  • Shy (delicate dusty pink)
  • BAE (cream-colored base)
  • Black Truffle (decadent black)
  • Suede (smooth transition gray)
  • Coco (bark brown)
  • Maneater (ruthless mulberry)
  • Henna (warm reddish-brown)
  • Sandalwood (earthy deep tan)


Personally, I find the 3D metals have different textures depending on the shades. Fling and #Blessed have more of a smooth metallic shimmer, with much smaller shimmer particles. Dubai, 24K, Trust Fund and Rose Gold have more of a chunky sparkle. For this reason, they apply best with your finger. Using you finger and smoothing these on the lid give them a gorgeously pigmented metallic-shine finish! It also helps smooth out the metallic chunks. They remind me quite a lot of the Stila Magnificent Metals, but are much easier to apply than the Stila ones.

They also work really well when mixed with a liquid mixing medium (like the Lise Watier Metamorfix, or Stila Liquid Eye Primer). To do this, I like to apply a bit of the liquid to my eyelid, then immediately dab the shadow over top. Using a liquid helps to smooth out the texture, and really kick up the metallic finish!

As for the pigmentation, I am so insanely impressed. A tiny dab into the shadows gives you full colour payoff. You really only need a little! They’ve very blendable and buildable.z