I got to do my best friend’s makeup for her University graduation, and she let me film it! We did a trial run to test out the look she wanted. It’s a SUPER easy  glam look, with a matte eye, some winged liner, and a berry coloured lip.

As an easy glam look, it’s simple enough that anyone can do it! It’s great for beginners and can be customized in a million different ways. For example, adding a shimmery or sparkly eyeshadow instead of the matte will instantly make it more glamorous. Deepening the crease colour of the eyeshadow will make it more dramatic or smokey, and pairing it with a nude or red lip will change up the look!

Join us to see how we created this look, and for embarrassing stories of my adolescence!



Products used:


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This is my go-to makeup look for every day, when I don’t have a lot of time, or just don’t feel like doing anything particularly dramatic.

It’s easy, and really brightens the complexion (which is great if you’re like me, and have atrocious sleeping habits.)
I’m using a lot of my current favourite makeup products.

Don’t let the long list of products fool you – this really is an easy look to create!

Products used: 

Brushes used: 

  • Morphe R3 brush
  • Morphe R40 brush
  • Morphe R42 brush
  • Morphe r3 brush
  • Quo Liner & brow brush
  • Morphe M510 brush
  • Morphe R7 Brush
  • Morphe E4 brush
  • Morphe M508


I hope you enjoy! Let me know what your current favourite products are!


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This look is quick, easy, and great for days when you’re in a rush, tired, or just don’t feel like doing anything too complicated. The eyes are soft but bright, helping you to look more awake. You can definitely add lashes for more drama, but on lazy/rushed days I personally can’t be bothered with falsies!
For the skin, the products that I used are more ideal for drier skin types. I personally have very dehydrated, acne-prone, skin and suffer from eczema. Getting a smoother, brighter, and more healthy looking complexion can be difficult to achieve. This look is about creating a brighter, more glowing, more hydrated looking complexion.

I hope you enjoy, and thank you for watching!


Products used:

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As you might have read in my Arbonne Lip Products Review, I recently got the chance to try some different Arbonne products! For the first look that I created, I thought I would do a really soft, easy look using pink.

This look is super quick and simple to do, and can be completely customized to your preferences!

The eyeshadows I used (from left to right)

  • “Snow”
  • “Petal”
  • “Cabernet”


  1. Apply “Snow” to entire lid-the white helps to make colors pop and will make the pink look pinker! (not shown)
  2. Apply “Petal” over top.
  3. Add a small amount of “Cabernet” to the crease, blending inwards in soft windshield-wiper motions
  4. Deepen the crease color as desired! Add more “Petal” if you want a brighter pink look. Line your eyes! I just used a black pencil liner for a quick and soft look.
  5. Mascara! I unfortunately did not realize that my mascara was old until after applying it (thus the unfortunate clumpiness). I will be trying the Arbonne mascara soon and have heard great things about it!
  6. For a bit of a bolder look, add more “Cabernet” to the crease for more definition.

Voila! Not the most dramatic or intricate look, but this look can be created in under 5 minutes and is very easy for people who are on the go yet want to wear more color on the eyes.

Please excuse my veiny eyes!

  • To cancel out any discoloration or veininess in the eye area, apply a base before any eyeshadow! My favourite is the Mac Paint Pot in “Soft Ochre” which is a creme-like texture. For a powder alternative, the Arbonne “Vanilla” eyeshadow works great!
  • For a bolder, more chic look, go for a cat-eye! This look would be great with a liquid/gel liner