There are always so many exciting new launches at Sephora, especially during May-June. This is peak time for Summer launches, and this year definitely has no shortage of newness. I put together a list of the new & hot launches at Sephora – all of which are from cruelty-free brands!


Oh boy. Where does one even begin? My wallet is practically weeping – I want everything! These are all prestige brands, so they are pricey – however, these are some of my all-time favourite brands. They are high quality, high-performance brands focusing on quality ingredients – and most importantly, they are cruelty-free (because really, it’s 2018 and testing on animals is barbaric and unnecessary!)

Products On My Radar


I’m most intrigued by the Hourglass & Marc Jacobs setting powders, as they’re rumoured to be absolutely incredible. I love using loose powder to set my makeup, especially ultra finely-milled powder as it looks the most natural and undetectable on the skin!

Lip Glosses

Lip glosses are one of the most popular trends for the summer. While this may not be particularly groundbreaking, I’m a firm believer that you can never have too many lip glosses. There are so many shades and formulas, and this season sees a surge of high-shine and metallic glosses. The Becca Glow Lip Gloss looks stunning from what I’ve seen in review videos! The Marc Jacobs Enamored Hydrating Gloss Stick has definitely sparked my interest. I love the regular glosses, so to see a new formula in a stick?! I’m not sure what to expect from this, but I shall have to investigate further!

Setting Sprays

In the sun and heat, we need all the help we can get to keep our makeup looking fresh. Setting sprays are an absolute must for me. Not only are they key to absorbing any excess powder sitting on the skin and adding a healthy glow, they also help to lock your makeup in place to prolong your makeup wear!  Cover FX recently launched the High-Performance Setting spray, and I’ll definitely be trying it once I’ve used up my Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray!



What new products are you most excited for?

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For part 2 of my Holiday Lip Series (you can read part 1 about the best lip balms and treatments here) is all about my current favourite shades and formulas for holiday lipsticks!

When I think of holiday lips, bold reds, berries, and burgundies come to mind. This year, I’m also definitely noticing a lot of purple making its way onto the scene.

Here are my favourite lipsticks for the holiday season this year:




One of the most popular trends of the Holiday season is red or berry lips. Something about a bold red lip with gold eyeshadow perfectly represents Christmas. While I do love a bold lip, there’s some irony in the fact that a bold lip is the most popular in a season that is typically the coldest, and the driest for our lips. I don’t know if you’ve tried applying red lipstick to dry, cracked or peeling lips, but it’s not pretty.

The first step in executing a successful bold lip for the holidays is to make sure the lips are prepped before hand. (For a tutorial on how to exfoliate, fix dry lips, and prep the lips, click here!)

There are a million different lip balms on the market, but sadly many do not actually heal the lips. Many can be counterproductive by making lips more dry if you aren’t constantly reapplying them.

Working in cosmetics, I’ve tested my fair share of lip balms and treatments over the last couple of years. So far, these are my absolute favourite in healing and hydrating the lips. I love each one in a different way – after all, if you’re as dry as I am, you can never have enough lip balms.

  • Nuxe Reve De Miel : this is a recent favourite of mine that I decided to try after hearing so many great things about it. While it’s quite a thick wax-like texture, it melts into the lips beautifully. It’s ultra nourishing and smells phenomenal. It’s infused with grapefruit, honey, and shea butter.
  • Korres Lip Butter: This one has a bit of a tint to it, and is a tad more glossy. This is great to keep in your bag for touch ups, or for a some sheer colour and hydration while you’re on the go. It’s also great to keep the lips nourished on those “no makeup” makeup days.
  • Lush Chocolate Whipstick: This lip balm from Lush is natural, and smells like chocolate. It’s also a thicker wax-like texture, and requires a bit of warming up with the finger tips. It’s very hydrating and nourishing, and did I mention it smells like chocolate?! It has amazing ingredients like shea butter, almond oil, beeswax, honey, olive oil, cacao, tangerine and orange oil, oats, cocoa, and vanilla.
  • La Roche Posay Ceralip:  La Roche Posay is a great dermatological-based brand. This product is both fragrance and paraben free, and is phenomenal for treating severely dry or cracked lips. It’s often used after medical treatments, and helps replenish lipids in the skin to maintain moisture and softness.  I actually recommended this to a coworker who was suffering from cracked, bleeding lips, and they looked back to normal within just a couple of days. She couldn’t stop raving about it!
  • Bite Agave Lip Mask : this is probably my favourite out of all for a night time treatment. It’s incredibly thick, and feels like a nourishing barrier on the lips. I don’t really like it for day time use (unless you’re going to be home all day) and it doesn’t wear as well under makeup. However, putting this on at night before bed is a dream come true. I wake up, and my lips are still hydrated and still have this product on them. This is a must have for anyone with very dry, dehydrated lips, or for someone who breathes through their mouth at night.

What are your favourite lip balms?

I have another haul video for you guys with full reviews of each product!

Needless to say, my attempt at a “no-buy” failed miserably. Once a beauty addict, always a beauty addict. But hey, there are far worse addictions!

I hope you enjoy!

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