The Beauty Boutique that I work at had a big Fall-themed makeup gala this weekend! Gala’s are one of my favourite parts of working in cosmetics, since I usually work as one of the lead makeup artists. I got the opportunity to help plan the Gala and theme, as well as designing the poster advertisements and blog about the event!

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To get into the spirit of spring, the Beauty Boutique that I work at had a big spring gala! We had music, snacks, makeovers and facials, as well as representatives and makeup artists from different brands! The energy in the store was incredible, and I got the chance to do makeup on some wonderful ladies!

It was exceptionally busy, so unfortunately I didn’t have time to take as many pictures as I had hoped, but I did manage to take a few quick pics!



Here are a couple of the makeup looks I did, on two different age groups:


The first look was a smokey eye with purple tones, a soft face, and pink lips. We kept the face as natural as possible as the client is very young and has such naturally gorgeous skin. The second look was a brighter eye with brown (although it looks rather silver in the photo) definition in the crease, and coral lips.

For my makeup, I wanted to something a bit more fun and dramatic than my typical look. I did a brown smokey eye with gold glitter.


I will be doing a tutorial on this look soon!


It was such a good experience, and it felt so good to do makeup again on other people!

If I wasn’t in the mood for spring before, I most definitely am now! Bring on the pastels, corals, pinks, and flowers!