If you’re a blogger, online creator, or business owner, I can’t stress enough the importance of self-hosting your blog. This is absolutely crucial to be able to make your blog into a business and monetize your content. You can read all about that – and learn how to easily switch over to a self-hosted blog – here!   

Tools I use:


  • SiteGround: I use SiteGround to host my website since I switched over to self-hosting, and it’s easily one of the best things I could have ever done for my blog. Not sure what self-hosting is and why you need it?You can read all about what it is, and why it’s crucial for turning your blog into a career here!  Their service is super fast, secure, and they offer great support.

  • Picmonkey: I’ve been using this for over 4 years now, and it’s hands-down my favourite program to use for creating any sort of image or graphics. I use this for all of my blog post images, social media images, YouTube thumbnails, Pinterest pins, collages, logos, image editing, etc. Nearly any image you see on my blog has been tweaked with PicMonkey! They have a free version, or you can purchase the premium version for only a few dollars a month. You have access to so many more features with Premium, I truly believe it’s worth every penny!


  • Tailwind: this is a program where you can schedule pinterest posts, and it will post them for you at the best times! I always struggled with Pinterest because I never had the time to sit and pin everyday – and in order to really increase your engagement, you need to post regularly. Tailwind does it all for you-you simply add all the pins you want to your queue when you do have time, and then it posts them automatically for you at peak times!  It has been a serious game-changer for my Pinterest strategy. I read so many posts about it and thought they were all sales pitches, but then I decided to try the free trial. It literally took my monthly engagement from around 35 thousand monthly views to over 400 thousand in less than 3 months! It has been crucial for driving traffic to my blog. I’ll be doing a full post all about this soon!


  • MiloTree: this is a great blog add-on that can help build your following, and direct your readers to your other social platforms. When you visit my blog, you’ll notice the little window that pops up on the bottom right corner. That’s MiloTree! It is an investment, and costs around $9 monthly, but its a fantastic way to direct your viewers to your other social media.


Looking to build your business and improve your photography and editing skills? There are so many amazing resources and blogging courses available! You don’t need to spend thousands on a course or program – sometimes even just one online photography course can make the biggest difference and improve your skills.

Here are some courses I recommend. Scroll through to see a variety of photography and lighting courses: