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MAKEUP DECLUTTER – Lip Products I’m Throwing Out/Giving Away

This is part 2 of my Makeup Declutter series – and today we’re tackling my lip collection! See all the products I’m throwing away and getting rid of! See which products didn’t make the cut,…

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July 2018 On Instagram

The summer is nearly over, friends! Is that adopting the “glass half empty” mentality? I truly don’t know where the summer has gone, but August arriving means it’s basically September…which means it’s basically Halloween. So I’ll…

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August Phone & Computer Wallpapers – Free Download!

I’m fairly certain July was nonexistent, and that we entered some sort of time-rift. I feel as though I was just posting my wallpapers for July! Thank you so much to everyone who downloaded my July…

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Easy, Glowy Summer Makeup Tutorial – Cruelty Free

This is a super easy, quick summer makeup look using cruelty free brands. It’s great for days when you wake up feeling (and in my case, looking) like you walked off the set of The…

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The Easiest Way To Self-Host Your Blog (And Why Every Blogger Should Be Doing It!)

If you’re new to the world of blogging, or don’t know the difference between a self-hosted and a hosted website (and what self-hosted even means) I talk all about it in my recent post here!…

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