Healthy Breakfast cookies- Vegan, gluten-free

I’m so excited to share this recipe for healthy breakfast cookies with you guys! They’re gluten-free, loaded with beneficial ingredients like oats, flax seeds, and walnuts, with applesauce to sweeten and natural nut butter as the fat source. They’re free of refined oil, and can also be easily modified to be refined sugar-free.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you probably know that I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in January 2019. I spent some time in the hospital, where a doctor had mentioned looking into diet – especially how avoiding inflammatory and processed foods could help with MS. While I was already vegan, my diet was definitely not the healthiest (after all, Oreos are vegan.) So in the hospital, I started to really clean up my diet, and it was one of the most important factors of my recovery. It’s also what inspired me to start studying nutrition.

While I was in the hospital though, I was on a high dose of corticosteroids, which make your cravings and appetite insane. Seriously, I felt like some insatiable beast. So trying to satisfy my cravings in a healthy way provided a challenge for my mom, who began looking up and experimenting with healthy, gluten-free cookie recipes.

We’ve been playing around with a bunch of different ideas and recipes, and finally found what seems to work best for us. I love having these healthy breakfast cookies for a quick, light breakfast, but they’re also great for any time of day or a quick and easy snack. I mean, who wouldn’t want cookies for breakfast?

Now, these aren’t the regular decadent, buttery treat cookie of course. They’re meant to be a healthy gluten-free breakfast cookies after all. So in order to make them healthy, a few conditions had to be met:

  1. The white, refined flour needed to go. We replaced it with a healthy whole-food option like oats.

2. The fat source needed to be swapped. Rather than vegan butter, margarine or oil, we went for natural peanut butter. Any nut butter will work, but make sure to go for a natural one that doesn’t have added oil or sugar.

3. the refined sugar had to go. While cookies usally have white sugar, brown sugar or a combination of both, we didn’t want to use refined sugar. Instead. we sweeten with unsweetened applesauce. (Make sure your applesauce doesn’t have added sugar, you’d be surprised how many do.) The applesauce also helps to work as a binder!

4. Add some extra nutrients! One of the most important tips that I learned looking into MS and diet was how important healthy Omega-3 fats are for our brain and myelin health. While these do want to be had in moderation kf weight-loss or control is your goal, a small amount daily is recommended. Flax seeds and walnuts are 2 of the most recommended nuts and seeds, so we wanted to include those. You can skip the walnuts if you want of course, but the flax seeds also help to bind the cookies together, as we won’t be using eggs or wheat flour.

Here’s our healthy breakfast cookie recipe:

Author: RainCoates Beauty

Prep time: 10-15 minutes

Cook time: 10-15 minutes

Serves: 15-20 cookies


-Ensure oats are certified GF if you have a gluten allergy

-If using applesauce, you will need to add more oats/oat flour. Add extra in small amounts at a time. Dough should be sticky, but manageable.

-Use dark or semi-sweet chocolate chips, making sure there is no dairy in the ingredient list. Use an oil-free kind if you want oil-free)

-Add more or less vanilla & cinnamon to taste

-Omit nuts if desired, add raisins or cranberries if desired

-Use apple sauce, maple syrup, date sugar, coconut sugar, or monk-fruit sugar to be refined sugar-free

These cookies can be customized in a ton of different ways.This is a great base recipe to adjust with whatever ingredients you want!

I hope you guys enjoy, and if you try this recipe definitely let me know in the comments or on Instagram (@raincoatesfoodie)

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