I Need Your Help For This Year’s MS walk Fundraiser!

May is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month here in Canada, and it’s a cause that couldn’t be closer to my heart. MS flipped my world upside down and changed my life forever. Last year I participated in the 2019 Annual MS Fundraiser walk. It was my first-ever MS walk as I had just been diagnosed in January, and just released from the hospital on April 30th. At that time I was wheelchair-bound and had to participate in the fundraiser walk in a auto wheelchair. Even though my doctor’s told me that I might be spending the rest of my life blind and in a wheelchair – or best case scenario a walker- I knew that the recovery I had made so far was already more than they anticipated. I promised myself that I would walk the 2020 walk, even if I had to use a walker or cane. After months of hard work and physiotherapy, I am so thankful to say that I regained the ability to walk again.

Even though the in-person walk is cancelled this year due to Covid-19, I refuse to let that prevent me from fulfilling the promise that I made to myself. On May 24th, i will be participating in my own 2k walk around my neighbourhood, to celebrate the recovery and progress I’ve made.

Now more than ever, the MS Society needs your help to raise much-needed donations and awareness, to help support others like myself affected by this cruel and unfair disease. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the incredible support and commitment of this community. Whether it’s sharing this post or a $1 donation, any help is greatly appreciated!

You can donate here!

As a thank you, anyone who donates can choose a wallpaper from my Etsy Shop of their choice!

You can view my wallpapers for phone/tablet here!

Here are some of the designs you can choose from:

I’ll be contacting any donors and will send you any wallpaper if you’d like one! The wallpapers simply have to be saved to your device, and then set as your lock screen or background!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported and encouraged me on this long and difficult road of recovery. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

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