One Year Later (Aggressive MS-Paralysis & Blindness)

In December 2018, my life was flipped completely upside down. We never know what the future holds, but most people probably wouldn’t imagine paralysis or blindness in their future. Life changes so quickly, and I have definitely learned that the hard way during this past year.

In January 2019, the doctors told me that I might be spending life blind and in a wheelchair. They were hoping to just stop the attack that was ravaging my body.

One year later, not only am I alive (we later found out that the doctors initially thought I might have Fulminant MS- which usually results in death within a few weeks) but I have recovered more than the doctors imagined. I have surpassed all their expectations, not only regaining the ability to walk (while not 100% normally yet, I use a cane outdoors or for longer distances) but I have also regained about 80% of my vision. I’m so happy to finally be able to make and share my 1-year update!

The severity of my vision loss really had my doctors stumped. While Optic Neuritis is a common condition that many with MS experience, it usually only affects one eye at a time. My case was so uncommonly severe, that I experienced blindness (worse than a 20/600 vision) in both eyes simultaneously. From about the end of December 2018, to about March 2019, my vision looked something like this(20/600):

Photo source

Check out my video about my vision loss here:

In may 2019, my vision had improved to about a 20/225. In September, it was a 20/125. This past January, it now tests at about a 20/70. So, at this point, i am unfortunately visually impaired. I’m not able to drive, and I certainly can’t do makeup fully. Basically, I can see enough to mostly see what I’m applying and where, but all the detail, such as exactly what shade or how it looks, I’m not able to see. Right now, my vision looks a little something like this simulation of 20/70 vision:

So I can see people and objects, but nothing is clear. It’s sort of like there’s a foggy filter over my eyes at all times; everything is a little blurry, and colours aren’t very sharp. I can see bright or high contrast colours, but distinguishing between shades is difficult.

As for how much vision I will regain, we really don’t know. The doctors can’t tell me that I will regain my full vision, but they also can’t tell me that I won’t. That’s the hope I’m choosing to hold on to. The fact that my recovery has blown the doctors away gives me that hope. One year later,

my MS has completely stopped- my brain scans show that the disease has stopped as of July 2019 and I am now in remission, continuing to get better every week!

As for my career as a makeup artist and blogger, I really don’t know what’s going to happen. Currently, I can only see enough to do very basic makeup, nothing like I used to do. However, I refuse to let this make me give up everything I love to do. So I’m going to try my best to start posting again, though it may not be beauty reviews and tutorials. You can expect to see lifestyle-related content, MS-related content (such as my journey learning to walk again) and more food & nutrition-related content.

I just finished the Plant Based Nutrition Course from Cornell University online, from Doctor T. Colin Campbell, the founder of the Centre for Nutrition Studies at Cornell University. I now have a certificate n Plant-Based Nutrition, and am looking forward to continuing my studies to get a certification in nutrition!

Nutrition has been such a pivotal part of my recovery, as studies by Dr Roy Swank and Dr John Mcdougall have shown that nutrition is the most effective treatment for an autoimmune diseases like Multiple Sclerosis – and I am walking (literally) proof of this! I can’t wait to start sharing nutrition and recipe ideas with you all!

I’m able to start posting again on my main Instagram page, raincoatsbeauty as well as my food page raincoatesfoodie – make sure to join me there!

Thank you so much to everyone for all the support, and kind messages. It’s been a difficult year, but things are looking up and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

P.S. I hope everyone is staying safe during these frightening and unprecedented times. Especially to my fellow chronic-illness fighters and immunocompromised friends – please stay safe and take whatever precautions are necessary.

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