The Best Affordable Makeup Organizers

If you’re addicted to makeup like I am, you know how easily it can be to get lost in makeup clutter. Even if you have a small makeup collection, having an organizer or makeup storage system that works for you can make storing your products so much easier (and let’s face it: it looks way nicer!)

As the beauty industry has grown into the giant it is today, there are so many more options available for makeup storage. Unfortunately, most of the stores I’ve been to charge ridiculous amounts of money for the same products you can find on Amazon –  for a fraction of the price.


I’ve scoured the depths of Amazon to find you the best affordable makeup storage organizers and makeup holders!

So how do you know what type of makeup organizer to get? There’s an organizer for seemingly every type of makeup. Lipsticks, palettes, eyeshadows, powders, and more! The kind you’re looking for really depends on how much makeup you have and how you’re looking to store it.

Click on the photos to see where you can buy them!


These are one of the most common types because you can put nearly anything in them! Lipsticks, eye products, whatever you desire. I have the one on the left that I use to store the products I reach for daily, or products I want to use more!

Have a small makeup collection? That’s completely okay! You can neatly store all your makeup goodies in units like these.

Palette organizers:

This is an organizer I’m missing in my collection and will be ordering immediately! I love the idea of storing your favourite, or special palettes on top of a shelf. Whether it’s eyeshadow palettes, face palettes, etc. it’s a great way to have your palettes easily accessible!

Lipstick Organizers

These are one of the most common types of makeup organizers, but they come in an array of shapes and sizes. I love the left and middle, as they look so much nicer and take up less space. It’s great to store your lip products in holders like these, as it allows you to easily see what colours you’ve got!



Drawer Organizers

If you’re makeup collector or store your makeup in drawers, you will definitely want to invest in drawer organizers. These are the best way to keep your products organized and your drawers tidy! I like to separate my products by type – for example, I’ll have all my cream eyeshadows in one drawer organizer unit, powder eyeshadow’s in another, etc.

For this reason, these are seriously one of the best ways to keep your collection tidy and easily accessible!


Makeup organizing is one of my favourite things – so I often struggle with always putting things away. I’ve recently been trying to declutter my makeup collection and get rid of the products I no longer like or use.

You can take a look inside my makeup collection and see what products I’m getting rid of here! 

What are your favourite ways to store your makeup products?




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