Morphe Me Brush Subscription – March 2018 Brushes

February passed by so quickly that I completely forgot to post a review for last month’s brushes!

I received March’s brushes a bit late, so sadly I wasn’t able to post a review as soon as I had hoped. I tested most of them out in my recent Get Ready With Me video, which you can watch here!

March’s brush package is a fun spin on St. Patrick’s Day and features 4 Rose Gold brushes:

  • The R3 Precision Pointed ContourMorphe suggests using this brush to contour or apply cream products. While it definitely works for that, my favourite way to use it is to set my foundation with loose powder! It’s the perfect shape for setting under eye concealer!
  • The R4 Pro Angle Brush – this is marketed as a blush brush, but I personally find it a bit too small for my personal blush preference. I love this brush for applying a natural contour, as the slanted shape hugs the cheekbones really well.
  • The R3 Round Blender – this is my favourite brush of this month’s package, and one of my new favourite brushes of all time. It’s perfect for applying concealer into all those hard to reach areas, such as around the eyes and nose. I use this every day to apply my colour corrector on my under-eye area before my concealer!
  • The R42 Oval Shadow & Concealer – this is a strong contender for my favourite brush of the month. This small, pointed brush has the perfect amount of flatness and density, making it ideal for packing on eyeshadow to the lid. It’s not a blending brush, but really is perfect for depositing colour!

You can see these brushes in action here!

Strangely enough, I don’t use most of these brushes for their intended purpose. I love all of these brushes, don’t get me wrong. But I always recommend trying the brushes for different things to figure out the best way they work for you!

Interested in joining Morphe’s monthly brush subscription? You can join here, and you’ll receive bonus points/a free brush!

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This post is not sponsered, but I do also receive bonus points when you sign up through my link!

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