Welcome To Blogmas! (2016)


I’ve been in a bit of a blogging funk lately – any fellow writers or bloggers out there will likely understand the pain of the inevitable writer’s-block that strikes every once in a while. You may be thinking “isn’t attempting to blog every single day during one of the busiest months of the year a terrible way to combat writer’s block?” And you would be completely right.

If you are new to Blogmas, it’s basically a blogging challenge in which you post every single day in December until Christmas! That’s right, 25 consecutive daily posts. Did I mention that I work 2 jobs? I may be in way over my head, but I shall attempt it regardless!  If anything, I’m hoping it will force me to push through this unfortunate creative block and get back into my groove!

I participated in Blogmas last year, and despite how challenging it was, I truly loved it and felt so good about being able to see it through. It also really helped me to get into the holiday spirit.

Here’s a look at my Blogmas 2015:

blogmas 2015 collage

This year, you can expect more makeup looks/tutorials, gift ideas, skincare tips, and recipes! I’m also hoping to add plenty of plant-based holiday food inspiration!

Stay tuned, and happy blogging!

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I'm a certified makeup artist, working in the beauty industry for over 5 years as a makeup artist, skincare specialist, social media captain, and educator. I'm a serious travel, food, photography, and makeup enthusiast! I strive to share my passion with my readers, and connect with other creators and brands!

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