Nasal Surgery Update – 1 Year Later

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I honestly cannot quite fathom that it’s been an entire year since my surgery. (You can read all about my surgery in my original post, here! What I had done, the process, healing, etc.)

Looking at the before picture, I had almost forgotten what my nose looked like prior to surgery. It’s surreal to me, I almost can’t believe how different it is.

Healing wise, my nose seemed to change a little every week. Some days it was more swollen, other days less, some days there would be a bump, and others it would disappear. This is all a normal part of the healing process, as the bone settles and the swelling goes down.

Breathing wise, I have definitely noticed a huge improvement. While my breathing still isn’t at 100%, it’s significantly better than before surgery. My sleep is greatly improved, my allergies are less severe (although still present), and I am definitely able to get much more air through my nose.

before surgery collage

Appearance wise, I cannot describe the immense relief I feel no longer having to be self-conscious of my nose. It was something that affected me daily –  I hated it so much. Not just for it’s size, but for it’s crooked and bony appearance. Because it grew incorrectly after being broken, I never felt like it was me. Now that it has been straightened and corrected, I finally feel like it represents me. Perhaps that’s seemingly superficial, but getting this surgery truly did change my life.

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If you need nasal corrective surgery, or are even contemplating a regular rhinoplasty, definitely check out my original post!  While my surgery was necessary to correct the structural damage and breathing complications, even if I hadn’t gotten it I would definitely have gotten a rhinoplasty at some point. Ultimately, it’s your body. You are free to do what makes you feel happy and confident!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or leave your questions in the comments below!

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