Morphe Me Monthly Brush Club – May Brushes Review


You can see my video on April’s brushes here!

We both get a free brush if you join through my referral link! You can join here! 

I had initially wanted to do a video on May’s brushes, but sadly they didn’t arrive in time before I left on a little vacation to the mountains. So instead of doing a video, I thought I’d put together a quick review for those of you curious as to which brushes came in May’s package.

May’s package included 3 brushes:


(left to right)

  • M441 – 5.99 Pro Firm Blending Crease (goat hair)
  • M433 –  5.99 Pro Firm Blending Fluff (goat hair)
  • The New Morphe Elite II (E1) – $22.99 A new version of the Deluxe Powder Brush, it’s not yet listed online, but appears to be a duo-fibre brush with a combination of synthetic and natural hairs

The M441: This Pro Firm Blending Crease brush is a slightly tapered, somewhat firm blending brush. I don’t think I necessarily agree with the name, as it’s not super firm. While firmer than some, it still allows enough give and movement that makes it ideal for blending. The thinner, longer bristles make it great for more precise blending, such as blending out a cut crease or a smokey eye!

m441 and ud comparison.jpg

The shape reminds me slightly of the Urban Decay brush from the Naked 2 palette – although the M441 is definitely not as dense.

m441 comparison

Compared to the M330 from last month’s brush package, the two are similar in shape although the M441 has longer bristles, and is less dense. I initially thought this brush was similar to others I had, however I quickly realized that it’s fluffiness and length, combined with the slight firmness really does make it ideal for that precision work, and sets it apart from others I own!

The M443: This Pro Firm Blending Fluff has been on my list for months, so I was extremely excited to receive it! For fans of the Mac 217, you will love this brush! It’s very similar, and is a wider, more flat brush that is perfect for blending, or lightly depositing colour to the eyes. A brush like this is great for blending, and I think is a staple for any makeup brush collection. It’s a great dupe to the Mac 217, but a fraction of the price – although it’s got sightly longer bristles and is a tad less wide. Initially the Mac 217 seems a bit fluffier, but that’s likely do to my brush being very well loved. With use, I’m 99.9% sure the M443 will fluff up.

m443 comparison

The New Elite II (E1) Brush: This is a brand new version of the original E1 brush from the Elite collection, that launched exclusively to members of the Morphe Me subscription before it launches to the public! The original E1 has synthetic bristles, but the new E1 appears to have duo fibre bristles of both synthetic and natural (I could be wrong about this, but the bristles towards the bottom feel natural!) The brush is not yet listed online, so I wasn’t able to find out exactly what the bristles were. This is definitely a unique brush, I don’t think I own anything like it in my collection. It’s a huge brush that is super soft, but also fairly dense. It tapers at the base, and fans out more towards the tip of the bristles. I think a brush like this is great for powder, such as setting your foundation.

e1 comparison

As a comparison, the Real Techniques Powder brush was the most similar brush I could find. And as you can see, it’s still very different. The new E1 is much more dense, with a flat, firm top. It’s a very sturdy, high-quality feeling brush.


Overall, I once again love every brush that came in this month’s package, and definitely think it’s worth subscribing! What do you think of this month’s brushes?




  1. May 10, 2016 / 10:16 am

    This subscription looks fantastic. I’ve been on the fence with signing up since I currently have way too many brushes!

    • May 29, 2016 / 12:01 am

      I think that’s what most people are debating – whether it’s worth it to sign up, especially if they already have a lot of brushes. I am so so happy with the subscription so far!

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