MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor – Review & Swatches

RetroMatteLiquidLipcolor_collection_landing_1600The long-awaited MAC liquid lipsticks launched January 7th across North American MAC stores. I have been eagerly waiting for this collection to launch since I first heard the rumours that MAC was coming out with their own spin on the very popular liquid lipstick trend.

Claudia and I zipped over to our local MAC store, as per our usual MAC launch tradition.

I absolutely love the vibe of this collection. It’s retro, glamorous, and fashionable. It features 15 permanent shades of their brand new, matte liquid lipsticks.

They retail for about $20 USD, and $24 Canadian.

PicMonkey Collage

(Top row, left to right: Divinedivine, Mademoiselle, Ladybegood, Back In Vogue, Rich & Restless, Personal Statement, To Matte With Love. Bottom row, left to right: Tailored To Tease, Recollection, Quite The Standout, Fashion Legacy, Feels So Grand, Dance With Me, Oh Lady, High Drama)

The shades: mostly all the shades (with the exception  of the 3 nude-toned shades) are all very bright and vivid. When I look at pictures, the shades look much different in person.  I think the shades are beautiful but I was expecting more mauves, deeper nudes, pink-toned nudes, etc. There are 4 different reds – which is great for different skin tones, but I wish they had perhaps included a rosy pink, a mauve, a dark nude, and a burgundy (High Drama initially seemed burgundy, it’s a deep plum.)

All the pinks for example, are extremely bright, and not exactly “everyday” shades. “Divinedivine” for example, is a bright barbie pink which is not flattering for everyone. “Ladybegood” seemed to be a pinky-nude, but is actually much warmer and brown-toned. “Mademoiselle” is a bright sort of peachy-coral.

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t love the shade range, but I am more of a neutrals kind of girl. I think the colours are pretty, but they could have made a better shade range in my opinion.

However, if you love bold or bright shades, this is definitely the collection for you!


The Formula: Despite my issues with the shades, I think the formula is beautiful and definitely makes this collection worth checking out. They are smooth, opaque, and glide on the lips. They definitely dry matte, but I don’t find they feel too dry on the lips like other formulas do. They don’t make my lips feel cracked, tight, or uncomfortable.

They are long wearing and last much longer than you’re average lipstick, though I do find they fade/wear off slightly when eating or drinking.

As with any liquid lipstick or matte formula, I always think it’s best to prep the lips by making sure they are exfoliated and well hydrated!


I definitely think the best shades of the collection are Back In Vogue, To Matte With Love, Recollection, Dance With Me, and Oh, Lady. 

I picked up the shades: Ladybegood, Back In Vogue, To Matte With Love, and High Drama. 



Overall, I definitely think these liquid lipsticks are worth checking out. The formula is great, I love the packaging, they’re long-lasting, and apply beautifully!


  1. January 11, 2016 / 6:26 pm

    I saw these while I was at MAC this week as well and was tempted, but like you said the colors are very vivid, and I didn’t have time to swatch all of them to figure out which one I want to try out. Lady Be Good is one I didn’t get to swatch, but looks gorgeous! Such a great review:)

    • January 11, 2016 / 7:12 pm

      I definitely agree! That was really my only complaint with launch – I just wish there were more wearable colours! Thank you <3

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