Dior Addict Fluid vs. Revlon Photoready Eye Art – DUPE ALERT! (Blogmas Day 23)

P1170913For day 23 of Blogmas, I thought I would share this exciting dupe/review! If you happened to procrastinate with gifting this year, and were looking for that last minute stocking stuffer, this is a perfect option for any makeup lover!

If you read my review of the Dior Addict Fluid Eyeshadowsyou know how obsessed I was with these. Unfortunately, these were not only very expensive, but also limited edition for their fall 2015 collection – which many people were not able to get their hands on. If you missed out on those, or were looking for a similar option, this post is definitely for you!

My best friend Claudia heard that the Revlon Photoready Eye Art Lid + Line + Lash duos were similar, and asked me to investigate.

The verdict: They are in fact a very close dupe! The shade range isn’t exactly the same, but the formula is definitely the closest dupe I have found so far. The Dior Fluid Addict shadows retailed for $32 Canadian, while the Revlon ones are only about $13 Canadian!


(Shades shown: Dior “#825 Aurora, and Revlon #040 Peach Prism 

Both are a liquid textured eyeshadow with a shimmery metallic finish. They both come with a wand applicator, for easy application to the eye. The shades are not exact matches, but the textures are super similar – although the Dior is slightly thicker and more pigmented. By “slightly” I do mean a very slight difference!

Both blend out best with the fingers, and make excellent bases for eyeshadow. I love to use these first, followed by a shimmery shadow over top! Both are very long lasting, and water-resistant.

If you’re looking for a last minute stocking stuffer or gift for a makeup lover (or for yourself) the Revlon Photoready Eye Art are a fantastic, budget-friendly option!



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2 thoughts on “Dior Addict Fluid vs. Revlon Photoready Eye Art – DUPE ALERT! (Blogmas Day 23)

  1. I love this!!! Just knowing that you can save $20 and get something almost as good is fantastic. Means you can get 3 instead of 1 Wooohoooo 🙂

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