Holiday Decorating: Colours and Inspiration! (Blogmas Day 16)

Holiday decorating is one of my absolute favourite parts of the season. I’m fairly sure I have an interior designer as an alter ego – my mind often fantasizes about home decor inspiration. Or I suppose, it might just be the endless hours I spend on Pinterest. I love planning decorations, colour schemes, and room layouts.

Ever since I was a child, I always remember our home being full of decorations during the holiday season. My mom would go above and beyond to fill our home with fun and festive decorations, from flowers, snow men, sparkly decorations, and wreaths. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to appreciate just how much work really goes into holiday decorating. While it can seem a daunting task, I really do think its so much fun! I am only slightly ashamed to admit that I often spend unfathomable amounts of time surfing through the holiday decorating portion of Pinterest.

Each year, my mom and I like to plan different colour schemes and decorative themes. For our living room this year, we decided to go with silvers, whites, and golds for that “winter wonderland” vibe.

For our christmas tree, we included silver ribbon and used mainly silvers, whites, golds, and glass ornaments.


Since we finally got a coffee table, I’ve been obsessed with experimented with different tablescapes! Our table is wood with a clear glass top. It has an open section inside that we use almost as a shadow box! I love to fill the inside with decorations that coincide with the season! For the holidays, I used pinecones, gold decorative nuts, and dried, cranberry-colored petals.

The main areas that we like to focus on for decorating are the fireplace, mantle, and coffee table. For our mantle, a couple of my favourite pieces are our new Martha Stewart silver snowflake stocking holders (originally from Michael’s Crafts.) My mom found these brand new with the tags still on from Goodwill – talk about a bargain! My absolute favourite piece though, is the wreath. It’s a gold, sparkly wreath with silver ornaments, from London Drugs. It’s so glamorous and sparkly, I seriously want my entire house to be full of decorations like this.

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