Strobing – Glowy Skin In The Midst of Winter Dryness (Blogmas Day 9)


One of my least favourite things about the holiday season is the unfortunate effect of winter dryness. Dry, flaky skin, redness, and irritation all come to mind when I think of December, which can definitely put a damper on my holiday spirit /9especially if you live in an extremely cold climate like I do. Oh, Canada!)

Combatting winter dryness can be a seemingly daunting task, but there are a lot of steps we can take to help our skin. Hydrating is definitely the most important step. You can read all about oils and how they can help the skin here.  I will also be posting my favourite creams and masks to protect the skin soon as a part of Blogmas!

For today’s Blogmas post, I wanted to share how to achieve that healthy glowing complexion with makeup. The glowing, dewy look can definitely be harder to achieve in the winter than in the summer heat.

The “strobing” trend has been all over the internet and makeup industry for quite a while now. It’s been all over the runways, especially paired with  a berry or red lip. It’s by no means a new trend, and while some believe it’s already phasing out, I personally think there are a lot of great things we can learn from strobing.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 11.32.20 PMFirstly, yes. Strobing really is intense highlighting. But there’s more to it than that. The purpose of lighting is to create bright, glowing skin. It focuses more on bringing forward plains of the face, rather than adding dimension with the intense contouring that’s also been immensely popular over the last few years (thank you, Kim Kardashian and drag queens!) With strobing, the rest of the face is typically kept much more subtle. Natural-looking foundation with little to no contour, and instead focusing on really highlighting the cheekbones and adding that dewy, almost wet look.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 11.32.57 PM

Strobing, when done right, can add a beautiful youthful glow to the skin. It creates the look of healthy, full, supple, bright skin.

Layering tons of highlighter on the skin is not always the most flattering on all skin types. For those of you with very dry or textured skin like I have, you really have to be careful with what you apply to the skin.

My favourite way to create a more natural strobing effect for a gorgeous glow is:

  1. Make sure the skin is exfoliated, to avoid the look of dry patches or flakes.
  2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Seriously, this is one of the most important steps. After cleansing, I go in with a hydrating serum, followed by a moisturizer. Apply your moisturizer at least 10 minutes before applying makeup if possible, so that it has time to absorb into the skin.
  3. If you’re very oily, you may want to apply a primer. I personally have a love/hate relationship with primers. While they do help product stick to the skin, if you’re very dry or have texture/flaky patches, primer can actually accentuate this. Opt for a moisturizing primer with a high water content, like the Smashbox Primerizer! 
  4. A hydrating mist or facial spray is a great way to add extra moisture to the skin. My favourite is the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin mist – it’s very expensive, but truly amazing. It gives your skin an instant radiant, dewy glow!
  5. Opt for a foundation with a dewy or luminous finish. This really helps create that youthful glow, and will also help boost your highlight. Apply your foundation in very thin layers, blending into the skin with a damp sponge (this works better than a brush for creating a dewy, natural finish.)
  6. Cover any blemishes, spots, or discolouration with thin layers of concealer. The Estee Lauder Double Wear concealer is one of my favourites for hiding these imperfections. Use concealer sparingly, this look is all about creating a perfect “natural” base.
  7. Apply a cream or liquid highlight to the high points of the cheekbones. I like to apply this by gently tapping it into the skin with my finger. Use sparingly, slowly building it up. You can also add this to the tip of your nose, your cupids bow, a tiny bit to the chin, and to the forehead.
  8. Apply your favourite powder highlight over top of where you applied your cream highlight. I like to use a fan brush to apply this. For fair skin tones, a pale pearl or champagne tone works beautifully. For deeper skin tones, look for highlighters with more of a gold tone.
  9. After highlight, (and finishing the rest of your makeup as desired, although try to skip powder if possible to avoid mattifying the skin) finish with a setting spray or face spray. Mac Fix + is phenomenal for accentuating highlight, adding moisture, and absorbing any excess powder on the skin, however it’s not really a setting spray. Other sprays that work well are the Urban Decay Chill setting spray, the NYX Dewy Setting Spray, and the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin mist.



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