Mac Dark Desires Holiday Collection (Blogmas Day 4)

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Mac launched the Dark Desires Holiday collection on December 3rd here in North America, and November 24th online.

This collection immediately captured my interest with its deep, dark, “sinfully delicious” vibe. It’s all about darkness, sexiness, and nighttime mystery. There has been a lot of criticism in regards to the collection being a little risqué – and very likely inspired by the recent surge of interest in the “bedroom” thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey. Despite all that, I truly love the dark colours, and the products featured in this line.  I think the addition of the Into the Well eyeshadows and eyeglosses added a refreshing twist, as Mac has been slacking a little in the unique and creative department (sorry Mac, just being honest.)

Mac Deep Desires Collection

In North America, the collection features:

  • 4 lipsticks (limited edition)
  • 6 Into the Well Eyeshadows (limited edition)
  • 3 Studio Eye Glosses (limited edition)
  • 1 Fluidline
  • 4 Kohl Power Eye Pencils
  • Haute & Naughty Lash Mascara
  • 2 Studio Nail Laquers (limited edition)
  • #246 Synthetic Fluffy Eye Brush

Here’s what I picked up from the collection:


  • Kohl Power Eye Pencils in “Orpheus” and “Raven” – these smooth and intense liners are incredible. They glide on the skin and blend out for a beautifully smudged/smokey look when first applied, but stay in place after they dry! Kohl formulas are usually designed for the waterline, but because these contain sparkles, they’re not really recommended (sparkles can transfer into the eye and scratch/irritate!) “Orpheus” is a deep black with a gold, pearlized sparkle. “Raven” is a red/burgundy with a black pearlized sparkle. It appears almost a dark red copper in the light. These look beautiful when smudged along the lower lash line!
  • Into the Well Eyeshadow in “What’s Your Fantasy” – this shade is a black with multicolored sparkled. It’s so hard to describe because it changes in the light, and also looks different when wet or dry. These are such a cool formula. They’re ultra-pigmented, and can be used wet or dry. The well in the centre is designed for adding your mixing medium (Mac says you can use water, but I prefer either Fix + spray or the Lise Watier Metamorfix fluid!) Personally, I don’t really like adding the liquid into the centre. I prefer to use these by dampening my brush or applicator, and then mixing it into the shadow.
  • Studio Eye Gloss in “Pearl Varnish” – These are definitely cool, but tricky to use. They are a sticky, shiny cream gloss that you apply to the eyelids (or you could use on the lips!) These are not an everyday product, nor are they very realistic to wear.  You definitely wouldn’t want to wear this all day or for a night out – they move around on the eye and are not particularly comfortable. However these are fun to have in your kit for creative looks. These are great for artistry, editorial, or portfolio makeup. The super glossy/shiny eyelid is very popular in magazines and on the runway!
  • Cremesheen Lipstick in “Black Night” – this shade is a black with gold and red pearlized sparkle. I was skeptical about this at first, because black is a very difficult shade to wear especially if it has a glossy or creamy finish. Then I saw it on the Mac employee (she wore it overtop of Nightmoth Liner) and I was sold. It’s such a beautiful and unique shade!

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My Thoughts: 

I think this collection is a lot of fun. I was very happy to see some cool additions – such as the Into the Well Shadows – as well as some unique lipstick shades. It felt as though Mac was slacking in the creativity department lately, so this was definitely a nice change.

I would have loved to pick up a few more shades of the eyeshadows, but sadly I had to restrain myself as my bank account would not have been too happy with me. If you only try one thing from the collection, definitely try these! They are so unique, and offer great pigmentation.

I wasn’t too impressed with the Fluidline, or with the other shades of the lipsticks. “Ring My Bell” (pale nude) is a little too pale for my taste, and a shade like that often looks chalky on the lips. Because the lipsticks are Cremesheens, you’ll probably want to wear these over a lip liner to help them last longer and prevent them from bleeding/smudging.


Overall,  I think this is a great collection and absolutely worth checking out!


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