Eczema/Psoriasis Treatment – Salcura BioSkin Review


I recently got the opportunity to try some products from Salcura Skincare and as soon as I tried the products, I knew I had to write about them. (No, this post is not sponsored in anyway, nor did they ask me to write it – I’m writing this of my own free will because I’ve fallen in love with the brand!)

If you suffer from eczema or any other skin condition like dermatitis or psoriasis, I highly recommend trying this brand. It has been doing wonders for my skin!


I had never really heard of this brand prior to trying the products, so naturally I was skeptical, particularly because the products are targeted for eczema or psoriasis-prone skin. If you suffer from eczema, dermatitits, psoriasis or any other skin condition, then you know how frustrating it can be to find a product that works and doesn’t irritate the skin. I was so amazed at how quickly the Bioskin range helped to calm the itchiness and redness, and could feel immediate relief in my eczema flare ups.

I tried the Bioskin Dermaspray, the Bioskin Zeoderm, the Lavender Extract, and absolutely fell in love.

About Salcura started over 10 years ago, this British Skincare company was founded by a biomedical research scientist. The goal was to create a brand based on research and innovation, that could utilize nature to help treat skin conditions. All the products contain the finest grade of pure, naturally-sourced ingredients that are free of parabens, cortisones, artificial dyes and fragrances, etc.

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About Bioskin:  This particular line is ideal for dry or sensitive skin types, and conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis.  They are designed to help soothe the skin, strengthen the skin’s ability to maintain moisture, and aid in the natural healing process.

The Dermaspray is a fascinating concept, because it offers the hydration and treatment of a topical cream, but in a much lighter, more easily absorbed texture. It also offers less waste, and can even be used on the scalp! This is best used as the first step (after cleansing, if used on face). It starts to absorb into the skin immediately, and really soothes and hydrates.

The Zeoderm is phenomenal, and is used as the second step to help further treat, soothe, lock in moisture, and repair the skin.  Zeoderm can be used on the face or body, whereas I find the Dermaspray may be preferred for the body.

The range features topical treatments (the Dermaspray, Dermaserum, and Zeoderm) as well as cleansers and haircare.

Ingredients: The line uses only top-grade natural ingredients, and no artificial dyes, cortisones (which are found in many eczema-treatment creams and can be very harmful – they even caused me to lose a nail once!) antiobiotics, parrafins, or lanolin. The main ingredients used are aloe vera, water, glycerin, safflower & sunflower oil, grapevine oil, sea buckthorn oil, eucalyptus essential oil, olive oil, and almond oil.

All of these ingredients have soothing, hydrating, and restorative properties to help calm the skin, soothe itching, and restore hydration!

Do they work? I decided to test the products on a patch of eczema near my forearm that has been particularly stubborn. Instantly it felt soothed and less itchy. The next day, I was so shocked at how much the redness and itchiness had subsided. Within a week, the patch was nearly gone! It didn’t sting, burn, or itch, but left my skin feeling hydrated and soothed. I will definitely be trying this on my hands, and will update you guys with before and after photos!


How cute is this PR package?? It fits their natural vibe so well! I love that they threw in some essential oil (lavender happens to be one of my favourite scents!) berries, and sunflower seeds!

As for the Lavendar essential oil, I knew I would instantly love it. Lavender is incredible for relaxation, and essential oils help work with the brain’s chemistry for different purposes. I love to apply a tiny drop of this to my neck before bed, and I really find it helps me relax, ease anxiety, and even sleep better.

I’m a huge advocate of naturally-sourced products, which is part of why I love these products so much. There are so many harmful and unnecessary chemicals in many of our products today, and with eczema you have to be even more careful. It’s so rare to find such an effective yet safe product, and Salcura definitely achieved this beautifully!

I’m so happy to have tried this brand, and 100% recommend it to anyone suffering with eczema. They have a ton of other products too for all sorts of skin concerns!


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