Current Favourite MAC Shadows For Fall


If you’ve been following my blog, by now you must know that I have a slight love for Fall/Autumn. And by “slight” I mean I look forward to it for the entire year, and pretty much live in warm-toned makeup from mid-August to November.

Here are some of my favourite shadows for Fall!

fav fall shadows mac 2015

“Slow/Fast/Slow” (a dazzleshadow – limited edition), Cranberry, Texture, Amber Lights, and Woodwinked all have shimmer, while the rest are all more matte.

“Cranberry”, “Deep Damson” and “Embark” are all more purple/cranberry tones. These all work gorgeously together, and are perfect for creating a smokey, cranberry-toned fall eyeshadow look! They also look great when paired with a champagne-shimmer shade!

“Wedge” and “Saddle” make excellent blending and transition shades to apply in the crease. “Wedge” is a perfect muted, neutral brown that works beautifully to add soft definition for light makeup days, or to blend together darker shadows. “Saddle” is a bit darker, and much warmer, but is a must-have for any fall-eyeshadow collection!

“Brown Script”, “Rule”, and “Red Brick” are much warmer. “Brown Script” is a beautiful transition shade to apply to the crease area to add a bit of warmth to a smokey eye. “Rule” and “Red Brick” are more on the orangey/red side, making them absolutely perfect forย the autumn season! Colours like this can be a little intimidating, so I personally find they work best when applied softly, blended into the crease, mixed with darker browns or a smokey eye.

“Amber Lights” is a gorgeous amber-gold with a shimmery, slightly metallic finish. I personally think gold is a must-have for fall! “Woodwinked” is more of a taupe with a slightly stiffer texture.

What are your favourite eyeshadows for fall?

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