Mac – MACnificent Me Fall 2015 Collection Review

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Mac’s Fall collection “The MACnificent Me”  launched on October 1st here in North America. This collection is all about heart, soul, passion, and expression. Thousands of contestants entered MAC’s contest, and 6 winners were chosen to be the face of the 2015 fall collection! (You can read about the winners here.)

The collection features: 

  • 5 Pro Longwear Paint Pots – Stroke My Ego, Nice Composure, Frozen Violet (permanent) Stormy Pink (permanent), Imaginary
  • 1 Kohl Liner (permanent): Feline
  • 1 Penultimate Liquid Liner (permanent)
  • 3 Mascaras (permanent): In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash, Haute & Naughty Too Black Lash, Opulash Optimum Black
  • 4 Mattene Lipsticks (limited) – Personal Pick, Strutting Fabulous, Own The Look, Power my Spirit
  • 2 Studio Nail Lacquers (limited) – Simply Swinging, Blog This
  • 2 Sculpt & Shade Powders (limited) – Accentuate/Sculpt, Lightsweep/Shadester
  • Patentpolish Lip Pencil (limited)– Pleasure’s All Mine, Look Lively, It‘s Really Me, Make Me Proud, My Flip Side
  • MACnificent Me Eyeshadow Palette (limited) – (x9 shades)
  • 5 Lipsticks (limited) – My Inner Femme, Self Aware, Diva Antics, Deep Love, Fashion Revival
  • 3 Blushes – Devil (permanent), Burnt Pepper (permanent), A Little Lusty
  • 4 Eyeshadows – Cheer Me On, Well Behaved, Everyone’s Darling, Cork (permanent)
  • 3 Brushes: 168 Large Angled Contour Brush, 239 Eye Shader Brush, 215 Medium Shader Brush
  • 2 Lip Pencils: Cherry, Currant

macnificent collage GOOD COPY

My Thoughts

There were some definite hits and misses.


  • Mattenes: the texture of this formula is truly incredible. They are smooth, velvety, and pigmented. “Personal Pick” is my favourite shade from the line. My only complaint with these is that there are only 4 shades currently available! Come on Mac, it’s a fall collection! Where are the burgundy Mattenes?!
  • MACNificent Me Eyeshadow Palette: even though it’s small, this palette has such a gorgeous array of neutral shades with a few cooler-tones. This is a perfect palette to travel with. You’ve got your neutrals, a couple of pink tones, blending shades, a dark brown for liner or the crease, and some shimmer!
  • Stroke My Ego Paint pot: honestly, this was the only shade I really liked. Most of the others were more of a matte finish (which is nice, but not really my preference for a cream-style shadow!) This one however, is a gorgeous silvery-taupe with warm undertones, and a pearlescent shimmer.
  • Fashion Revival lipstick: this is an amazing deep raspberry. It’s smooth and pigmented, and a great addition to any collection! I would definitely have bought this if I didn’t already own it!


  • Sculpt & Shade Powders – normally I love these, but for some reason they felt very dry and powdery in this collection. I didn’t find they applied very smoothly with either fingers or a brush. (That’s just my opinion, though!)
  • Well Behaved Shadow – this is a gorgeous shadow, don’t get me wrong. It’s a beautiful shade for the fall. If you don’t have anything like it I do recommend it, however it is virtually identical to “Red Brick” which is a permanent shade (I swatched them side by side in store, and they look identical.) So if you can’t get your hands on Well Behaved, don’t fret! (Seriously. They’re identical.)
  • Patentpolish Lip Pencil – Claudia may kill me for saying this, but I didn’t fall in love with these. They’re nice, and they look pretty, but these weren’t an “oh my god I NEED THESE IN MY LIFE” product for me. I didn’t find them that unique or different in comparison to all the other lip balm/crayon products on the market. I didn’t feel the need to get any because I already own way too many products that are so similar.  What do you guys think? Am I crazy? Should I give them another chance?

Overall, I think this is a really pretty collection for fall. It mainly consists of warm tones and purple tones, which are very much on trend this season! Is it groundbreaking or particularly unique? Not necessarily. However I do really like the contest aspect of it, where people all had a fair chance of becoming the face of the collection.

Stay tuned to see what I picked up from the collection!

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