New One Direction “Between Us” – Review

Attention 1D fans – the newest fragrance launched, and (shocker) it’s amazing! It launched in late June, and started popping up in stores throughout Canada in late July/ early August.

Needless to say I have been eagerly awaiting its arrival since I first heard that it would be launching – and oh boy, I was not disappointed. This just might be my favourite of the One Direction fragrances so far.

Between Us-100ml-bottle and carton-

It’s described as a combination of invigorating, energizing, sensual, and seductive. It has juicy mandarin, apricot, jasmine, freesia, patchouli, vanilla, and amber. All of these notes combine to create a gorgeous fragrance that is the perfect blend of warmth, sweetness, with just a hint of floral. It retails for $39 Canadian – a very affordable price and cheaper than the previous ones! It’s also the first fragrance that they’ve launched without Zayn Malik.

Top notes: mandarin, nutmeg, apricot.

Mid notes: freesia, gardenia, jasmine.

Dry notes: patchouli, vanilla, amber.

When I first read the mid notes, I was a little skeptical. However I personally find the floral notes to be so mild that they just add a pleasant freshness to the fragrance. The top and dry notes are what really draw me in. At first smell I get juicy, light scent of the fruit. I get a tiny bit of floral, but not too much (which is fine by me since I’m not a floral fan!) Then I get the vanilla and amber – which are 2 of my favourite scents.

The vibe of this fragrance is definitely different from the previous. “Our Moment” and “That Moment” are light, girly, fruity, sweet, and floral. “You and I” had a bit more floral to it. “Between Us” is delightfully new. It’s warmer, deeper, and slightly more “mature”. The warmth of the dry notes combined with just the right amount of fruity and floral create a deeper, almost more sophisticated feel.

When people think of a One Direction fragrance, they often think of something suited for peppy teenagers. I personally think this one is more suited for all ages, especially those wanting something a little richer, warmer, and more luxurious.

Overall, this is probably my new favourite fragrance from their line. While it’s tied closely with “That Moment” (which I love as a light, fresh fruity scent) the warmth and depth to “Between Us” makes me think this could be my new signature scent.

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