Too Faced Love Flush Long Lasting Blushes – Review


Too Faced Recently launched some gorgeous new products – I have been eagerly awaiting their arrival for the last couple of months! One of the most anticipated has been the Love Flush blushes!

What they are: Too Faced describes these as long-lasting blushes with a “pigment rich” “fade proof, smudge proof” formula. They are a high-impact, long wearing blush available in 6 shades. They retail for about $26 in the US, and $36 in Canada. 


The packaging: this is what instantly captured my attention when photos started circulating on the internet before launching. I took one look at the adorable heart-shaped package, and fell in love (Polly Pockets circa the 90’s, anyone??)  I knew that I needed to have at least one in my collection. The box that the blushes come in is just as adorable, with a girly design that reminds me of a Disney movie, with a lovely font, bunnies, and boughs.

The shades: There are 6 shades available, with 3 on the brighter side and 3 that are more neutral.

PicMonkey CollageTo be honest, I was not a fan of all the shades. I thought I would love “Justify My Love” (top left) but it’s a bit too pale/blue-pink for my liking. “I Will Always Love You” and “Baby Love” (top right and bottom middle) were very warm and very sheer when I swatched them on myself, but look gorgeous on other people. The 2 shades that really stood out – that I simply couldn’t say no to – were “Your Love Is King” (top middle) and “How Deep Is Your Love” (bottom left). These seemed to be the most pigmented and most flattering colours.


(Left: “How Deep Is Your Love,” right: “Your Love Is King”)

The texture: Typically with longer-lasting formulas, soft textures are compromised. At first glance I thought these would feel stiff, but they are surprisingly smooth and soft in texture. At first swipe they felt a tad dry, but it seemed to just be the thin top layer, as a couple of swipes revealed a much smoother texture. It’s firm enough that you don’t get a ton of fall out, but soft enough that it blends really well into the skin.


My thoughts: I don’t really agree with the 16-hour wear claim – that seems a bit of a far stretch. I wish they had gone with something a little more realistic, as the 16-hour claim seems to set people up for disappointment. On my skin it lasted about 6 hours, and did start to fade after that. It is much longer wearing than some blushes though! I love the packaging and love the 2 shades that I picked up. I think they apply really nicely and last well. They blend smoothly into the skin, and don’t seem to accentuate texture or look patchy.  I think they’re really great blushes, and will be using them a lot! The main downside is the price –  $36 is pretty steep. But If you’re willing to spend the money, I think these are definitely worth a try, and am glad to welcome them to my makeup collection!





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