June 2015 On Instagram

June passed by in eager excitement and anticipation for my surgery (septo-rhinoplasty, nasal polyplectomy, and sinus clearing – which I will be blogging about soon, once my nose has healed more!)

My June Favourites and Instagram posts are quite late, but unfortunately I didn’t get time to write them prior to surgery, and have spent the last week recovering! I’ve missed Instagram and blogging dearly in the last week, but am hoping to start feeling well enough to jump back into it!

Here’s an overview of my June on Instagram!

June 2015 Instagram

In exciting news, I hit 1000 Instagram followers! I know in the grand scheme it’s really not many, but it’s more than I ever really expected to have. Taking pictures is one of my favourite hobbies and passions. If you love Instagram like I do, make sure to leave me your links!


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