Parachute White Linen Launch

Interior design and home styling have been huge interests of mine for quite some time. When I started this blog, I had hoped to one day expand my beauty blog into a beauty, home, and lifestyle blog. As fate would have it, I was recently approached by the company Parachute to write about their new White Linen Launch. I am so excited to be doing this post, as it shall mark the beginning of the home/lifestyle addition to my blog.

About the brand 

Parachute was founded by Ariel Kaye, and is an interesting brand with an innovative concept – to offer premium, high-quality bedding with phenomenal craftsmanship (the fabric is made in Italy! How cool is that?) yet with a much simpler buying process. By simplifying the retail process, Parachute is able to remove a lot of the unnecessary licensing, processing, distribution, and retail fees – which often can mark up the price of a product by over 80%!


One of the main things I find so great about this company is the work that they do with Nothing But Nets (a global campaign founded by the UN to help fight Malaria.) For every Venice set sold, Parachute sends a special bed net to places affected strongly by Malaria. These nets can reduce the rates of Malaria by over 90%, and have already sold over 3900!

I always have so much more respect for companies that make an effort to give back to others, and to help with an important cause.

The fabrics are created with Egyptian cotton, and dyed naturally.

White Linen Launch


The newest addition to the bedding family features their luxury sheet sets, different inserts, and their signature product: the Venice!

White Linen first launches with White, inspired by summer and Venice Beach surroundings. It will also be available in Fog – a light grey to compliment the white. The fabrics are light and breathable, making them ideal for those warm summer months.


It can be purchased as Separates – that way if you only want a top sheet, or pillow cases, you can do so without having to order an entire set!

White and grey are two of my favourite colours, especially for home decor. To me, these colours are soft, fresh, clean, and minimalistic. One of my bedroom goals is to have a room full of white, with tiny splashes of colour. This bedding is perfect for my fellow minimalist decor lovers out there! 


How gorgeous is this set up? I am experiencing some serious bedroom lust right now. I love how this room is styled – it looks clean, crisp, light and fresh.


*This post is not sponsored, and are my own honest thoughts about the brand* 


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