Summer Fashion Wish List

Summer Fashion WishlistScrolling through Pinterest has given me a series case of fashion longing. I love looking at trends, colours, and fashion inspiration. I love seeing inspiration collages just as much as I love creating them. If you fashion/beauty collage lovers haven’t heard of Dailylook’s Style Sets feature, it’s pretty darn amazing.

After spending (way more time than I’d like to admit) perusing the interwebs, I put together a collection of items I would love to add to my wardrobe.

  • Birkenstocks: Not exactly unique, I know. But I do love Birkenstocks. I love how they look, how they feel (from the few times I’ve tried them on in store) and would love to get a real pair – my cheap knock offs just don’t cut it comfort wise.
  • A draped trench: I have been obsessed with the drapey, flowy trench coat/jacket trend for the past year. I’ve searched and searched for the perfect one, but so far haven’t been successful.
  • A pastel purse – The Givenchy one in the photo would be wonderful, but I’d settle for anything pastel and pretty. I’ve really been loving more of the rectangular, firm structured purses lately.
  • Sunglasses – I am in desperate need of some new cute sunglasses. I’m thinking perhaps some cat eye sunglasses, and aviators.
  • Flowy dresses: I’ve been on the hunt for some cute flowy dresses. These are great for the summer, and can be paired with so many different outfits.
  • A good pair of heels: I’ve never been a heel person. I greatly admire the women who can confidently wear heels every day of the week (what is your secret??) More specifically, I wouldΒ love a pair of strappy sandal heels. They are so cute, and so summery!

What’s on your summer fashion wish list?

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