Mac Prep + Prime Fix + – Limited Edition Scents

P1120841Mac recently launched 5 new, invigorating limited scent extensions to the popular Fix + water mist.

Mac Prep + Prime Fix + is very multipurpose. It can be used under makeup, to finish makeup, to refresh makeup, or just for a skin boost. It’s infused with vitamins, minerals, and soothing ingredients such as green tea, chamomile, and cucumber extract. It can also be used to dampen a Beauty Blender, or a brush. Dampening a brush with this works really well with pigments, or to make any eyeshadow more intense! (You can see a wet/dry comparison of the new Le Disko Dazzleshadows here!)

Every couple of years or so, Mac launches a few limited edition twists to the already incredible Fix +. This year, the collection includes Rose, Lavendar, Yuzu, Cucumber, and Coconut. (The clear/grey bottle is the regular Fix +!) Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 5.12.40 PM

I personally love to use mine after moisturizer, and before regular primer (you can also use it after, for an extra dewy look). I find using it before makeup gives my skin an extra hydrating boost, and notice a big difference with makeup application.

I picked up the Coconut scent, and am so in love with it! It’s so refreshing and lovely to use, especially in the summer.

Now, it is important to know that these products do contain fragrance – something I was definitely hesitant about. However, the fragrance is an extremely small quantity – I have eczema and hypersensitive skin with a major fragrance sensitivity, and these never bother me. I’ve been using the regular Fix + for years now, and absolutely love it.

It’s also important to remember that the Fix + is not a setting spray. While it’s often marketed as a “finishing mist,” (and I’m sure lots of people out there love to use it as a setting spray – if it works for you, go for it!) it’s not quite the same as the Model In A Bottle, or Urban Decay type of setting sprays. It is more like a toning/refreshing water. It can help perfect your makeup by picking up any excess powder or product, and creating a more hydrated finish. But it doesn’t quite lock in your look like some others out there.

Bottomline: These are amazing – I highly recommend getting these while you still can! 

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