Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser- Review

Purity Cleanser

This award winning cleanser has captured my heart. I got a sample of it from work, and was a little hesitant as I had never really tried any Philosophy products due to most of them being scented. This cleanser, however, has turned me from a Philosophy skeptic to a Philosophy fanatic.

What it does: Purity Made Simple is a 3-in-1 multi tasking cleanser. It cleanses, removes makeup, tones, and hydrates all while being ultra gentle for even the most sensitive of skins.

Who it’s for: All ages, all skin types. This cleanser is perfect for all of the lazy beauty lovers out there. The girls who – like me – love to wear makeup, but hate the process of taking it off. Pre cleansers, makeup removers, and cleansers can be quite a tedious process. This cleanser, however, is formulated to break down makeup, dirt, and oil particles to effectively clean the skin (many cleansers on the market do not break down makeup, and thus do not properly or effectively clean the skin if the makeup has not been removed first!)

It retails for about $13-$52 dollars, and comes in multiple sizes.

It’s full of amazing ingredients that clean, soothe, and hydrate even sensitive and delicate skins. Ingredients like meadowfoam seed oil and a blend of 12 essential oils such as rosewood, coconut, carrot, sandalwood, and sage oils. It’s also fragrance free!

It’s been incredible to my sensitive acne and eczema prone skin, and is even gentle enough for the eye area. Typically after washing my face, my skin is left feeling dry and tight. With this cleanser, my skin feels soft, supple, and smooth. It’s helped to reduce my redness, flakiness, and sensitivity.

How to use: I use it by wetting my face first, then take a pea sized to quarter sized amount – depending on how much makeup you’re wearing -and gently massage it into my skin for about 30 seconds. You can see the cleanser emulsifying and breaking up your makeup, and you know it’s giving a thorough clean. Then I thoroughly rinse my face, and that’s it!

If I’m wearing a lot of facial makeup, sometimes I will take a bit of a makeup removing micellar water to wipe my makeup off first – even though this cleanser does break down makeup, I personally find that it can do a better job of cleaning and nourishing the skin when the outer layer of makeup has been mostly removed. (This is definitely not necessary, just an extra step that I like to take because I’m a little OCD when it comes to cleaning my skin!) 

Tip: This is a fantastic cleanser to use to gently yet effectively clean makeup brushes! 


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