One Direction “You & I” Perfume Review

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Well, my fellow Directioners, One Direction has done it again – they have come out with yet another deliciously adorable fragrance. The newest addition to their fragrance line, “You & I” is  described as a bright, fresh, fruity floral.

Top notes: fruity – mango, peach blossom, grapefruit.

Mid notes: floral – peony, osmanthus, orchid. 

Dry notes: praline, sandalwood, musk 

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My first impression of this fragrance were the delicious fruity top notes- the very subtle citrus of the grapefruit mixed beautifully with peach and mango. After a few seconds, the floral mid notes start to surface.

I would personally describe it as a romantic, sweet floral fragrance.

“You & I” is definitely a fresher, more floral-based scent compared to their previous 2 fragrances. The floral is in no way overpowering, however – it’s a perfect combination of fresh floral, subtle citrus, and sweet fruit.

The design: a funky, jewel-shaped bottle with clear glass, purple, and gold outlining. All of their fragrance bottles so far have had a sort of angular, jewel-shaped vibe to them. This one (in comparison to the previous fragrances) is longer and taller, with a longer and thinner  bottle cap.


I absolutely love this fragrance, although I’m pretty sure that I will love any fragrance that One Direction comes out with (oops, my inner 13 year old fangirl is showing again)

I do personally think that this is more of a spring/summer fragrance, as with their “That Moment” fragrance.

Bottomline: If you like fresh, fruity floral fragrances – or if you happen to be a massive One Direction fan, I highly recommend trying this one out! If you hate florals, you might like the “That Moment” fragrance more, as it has a stronger fruity scent.

It can currently be purchased in gift sets that typically come with a body lotion/body wash. If you can find a box set, they really are a much better value!

Have you tried this fragrance? What are your thoughts on it?

(Photos/description info courtesy of the One Direction Fragrances website) 


  1. Barcharlet
    March 8, 2017 / 12:51 pm

    This perfume is awesome you wouldn’t expect it to smell the way it does😍

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