MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show is probably my favourite musical, and I have been eagerly awaiting the release of this collection since I first heard about it!

  If you think I’m exaggerating my love for Rocky Horror, I’d like you to know that I am wholeheartedly singing along to the soundtrack whilst writing this post. (I hope my neighbours like Rocky Horror, because I plan on blasting it all night long!)

When I first saw the movie a few years ago, I didn’t understand that it was meant to be taken non-seriously. My first impression was “this movie is so weird”, and then I came to realize that is exactly what is so amazing about it.

If you haven’t seen Rocky Horror, it’s basically a musical/comedy/sci-fi/horror -it was created to be a humorous tribute to the science fiction/horror genre that was becoming super popular at the time (1975). It’s full of transvestites, cross-dressing, super catchy musical numbers, sexual tension, dancing, and punk-rock-inspired costumes. Part of why I love this movie is because it totally pushed the boundaries of gender and sexuality-I mean pretty much everyone cross-dresses, and I hugely admire it for saying “hey, guys can totally rock fishnets and corsets!”

The movie itself is wonderful. But what really made me fall in love with Rocky Horror was going to see the live play when it came to my city a few years ago. It was quite honestly one of the best nights-and undoubtedly the best live theatre performance-of my life. Rocky Horror is famous for it’s extremely interactive actor-audience relationship. (Seriously. You are expected to yell things at certain points of the show and throw things). I also may definitely have gotten a lap dance from a fishnet-wearing Frank-N-Furter.

Now that I’ve gushed about Rocky Horror as a movie/play, I think it’s time to move on to the entire point of this post-The MAC Rocky Horror Collection.

Now, I know that at this point the collection is pretty much sold out everywhere. But I was simply too excited to resist writing about it! If you can get your hands on it and are a Rocky Horror Fan, I highly advise doing so!

The collection includes (from left to right)

perruques cheveux naturels

Lipsticks in limited edition packaging: “Strange Journey” (matte yellow-toned brick red), “Oblivion” (amplified blue-toned red),”Frank-N-Furter” (matte raspberry-wine), and “Sin” (permanent shade-matte, dark blue-toned wine)

Lipliner in “Vino” (permanent-intense purple/violet)

Riff-Raff Eyeshadow Palette: a cool-toned palette with blues, purples, a grey and a black. The textures are a combination of mattes, frosts, and veluxe pearls. (I was actually very impressed with the pigmentation of this palette! The color payoff is really great)

Glitters: “Gold” (repromoted-sparkly chunkyish gold glitter), and “3D Black” (black with a silver holographic effect that almost looks like it sparkles blue/green in the light)

Pigment: “It’s Not Easy Having a Good Time” (rich, sparkling burgundy)

Chromagraphic pencils: (these are permanent and only available at Pro locations) “Black Black” and “Basic Red”

Greasepaint Sticks: “B” (bright, yellow-toned blue), “Black”

Superslick Liquid Eyeliner in “On the Hunt” and it’s described as a true black. (This is a permanent product)

Powder Blush– in “Crazed Imagination”. It’s a muted, pink-toned plum with more of a matte finish.

Sculpt and Shape Powder: This highlighting/contouring duo is limited edition and features “Bone Beige” which is a pale cream shade, and “Emphasize”, which is a tan.

Set Powder: this product was only available at Pro stores (as far as I know) so while I didn’t get to see or swatch this in person, it is a translucent, finely-milled loose setting powder.

Nail Lacquer in “Bad Fairy” (red with multi-dimensional pearl), and “Formidable” (teal green with pink pearl)

Lashes: these are the 7-Lash set with limited edition packaging.

The stand-out products for me are definitely the lipsticks and pigment/glitters!

To see the collection, definitely check out the MAC website!

Stay tuned for a post on what I purchased, with pictures and swatches!


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