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As I’m sure many of you MAC lovers out there have heard, MAC recently launched a collaboration collection with Sharon and Kelly Osbourne. Actually, even if you’re not an avid MAC fanatic you’ve likely still heard of the collection-that’s how popular it’s been!

Now, I will openly admit that I have not been too impressed with MAC collections as of late, so when I received the email about it, I scrolled past it without a second thought. Then, one of my best friends Claudia-who works at MAC-texted me about it, informing me that it is beautiful and that I need it in my life. When I went online and saw the collection, it was indeed love at first sight.

This collection has arguably been one of the more popular ones out of the last few collections, and with good reason too. So many beauty gurus and bloggers have been raving about it, and it’s been pretty much sold out everywhere. Luckily for our city here in Canada, it’s only been released for a couple of days, and was easier to get our hands on. Now, however many of the items are already sold out.

The packaging: 

It’s pretty and elegant while still making bold statements, and each collection reflects their individual style and personality. Kelly’s packaging is her signature lavender/lilac shade with a sort of matte-metallic finish. Sharon’s packaging is a fierce red and black combination.


The collections feature skin finishes, blushes, lip glasses, lip polishes, lipsticks, lip liners, eye palettes, eye liners, and brushes! I’m not going to go too in-depth on it as I know it’s pretty much sold out everywhere, but it’s too pretty to resist blogging about. If you would like to see the full collection make sure to check out the MAC website.


Sadly I could not afford to buy the entire collection, but there were a few items I absolutely had to get my hands on!

What I bought: 


The Kelly “Bloody Brilliant” Eyeshadow Quad: gorgeous purple-tones. “Spoonful Of Sugar” is described as a sparkling platinum with a veluxe pearl finish. “Tickety Boo” is a muted brown-toned plum with a satin finish. “Fizzy Rose” is a pale lilac/lavender-her signature shade, of course! “Shadowy Lady” is a dark charcoal-plum with a matte finish.


The Sharon Mineralized Skin Finish Duo in “Refresh”: this duo is absolutely stunning. The darker shade is a warm, golden tan with pink undertones, paired with a light summer peach with gold shimmer. The swatch photographed much orangey than it truly is-it really is a gorgeous subtle bronze.


The Sharon powder blush in “Peaches & Cream”: Mac describes this shade as a midtoned peachy rose with a somewhat matte finish.



The Sharon Patentpolish Pencil in “French Kiss”: it’s a soft caramel brown, and I was unimpressed by it until I saw an actual swatch. It’s so much prettier than it looks, especially over top of lips with more of a natural pink tone to them. Image

The Sharon Lipglass in “Bijou”: I am absolutely in love with this shade. It’s a GORGEOUS mauve-toned pink with a high gloss finish.


The Kelly Lipstick in “Kelly Yum Yum”: This has been arguably the most coveted item of the entire collection. It is a bright, blue-toned pink similar to “Candy Yum Yum” but much more wearable and flattering, I think. It’s more of a bright fuschia pink than the candy pink tone of Candy Yum Yum. This colour sold out within the first day of its release! it is much bolder than it photographs.



Overall, I am so happy that I was able to get my hands on this collection! I will hopefully be doing some makeup looks with it soon, and I have a feeling many of these products will be included in my June Favourites!

What are your thoughts on the collection?

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5 thoughts on “MAC Osbourne Collection Haul

    1. It’s such a pretty collection, I want everything 😦
      I know MAC can be pricey, but at the same time it’s not nearly as expensive as some of the other brands. Some things are worth spending a little extra 🙂

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