MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection

Disclaimer: I did not purchase the entire collection, so the photos in this particular post are not mine!


The MAC “Alluring Aquatic” Summer Collection launched this past week, and I’ve heard so many different reviews from all different sources. Being an addict of both MAC and limited edition collections, naturally I could not resist investigating.

MAC describes the collection as an “aquascape of shades” inspired by “sirens of the deep”, with waves of tarnished olive, sea foams, bronzes, and deep plums. To me, this collection has a very “beach-goddess meets under-the-sea” vibe to it.

The packaging is fun and unique, with limited edition shiny teal packaging adorned with texturized water droplets. Looking at images of the packaging, it appears to just be an effect, BUT there truly are raised “water droplets” on the surface. It’s a very fun and tactile collection! My only complaint with the packaging is the plasticky-feel. If you’re spending $30-40 on a bronzer, you’d likely expect it to feel less like plastic. But hey, maybe that’s just me.

The collection includes:

  • 6 Extra Dimension eye shadows: the majority of which are in the green/blue or plum family (“Lorelei”-top left- and “Soul Serenade”-second row on the left- are the 2 exceptions). The eyeshadows are quite lovely and have good pigmentation, however unless you love green or purple tones, you may be a little disappointed. I only liked Lorelei and Soul Serenade as I’m personally not a huge fan of the green or plum tones in this collection.


  • 2 Extra Dimension Blushes (“Sea Me, Hear Me” on the left, “Seduced At Sea” on the right). They are quite sheer, which can be either a good thing or a bad thing depending on your preference. I don’t find the pigmentation very impressive for an Extra-Dimension product, but they sure are pretty to look at. “Sea Me, Hear Me” is described as a beige-pink, while “Seduced At Sea” is described as a midtoned neutral plum. Personally, I think these descriptions should be reversed. “Seduced at Sea” definitely shows more of a beige-peach tone on the skin, and “Sea Me, Hear Me” definitely looks more plum. Not too sure what happened here, but I’ve heard several other beauty bloggers say the same thing. They are really gorgeous, but I don’t find the texture or pigmentation as impressive as some of their past blushes.



  • 2 Extra Dimension Bronzers: I was extremely unimpressed with these. They look completely different than they do on the MAC website, and I personally found the colour payoff to be quite poor. However, they would be great for someone with fair skin or who prefers a very sheer bronzer)


  • 5 Lipsticks-(From left to right) “Siren Song”-a sheer, pale beige with a lustre finish, “Pet Me, Please”-a light, shimmery mauve with a frost finish, “Enchanted One”-a midtoned, neutral pink with a matte finish, “Mystical”-a midtoned creamy rose with a cremesheen finish, and “Goddess of the Sea” a deep, violet-purple also with a cremesheen finish.


  • 5 Tinted Lipglasses: (left to right) “Clear Water”- a sheer, pearlized nude, “Peachstock”-a creamy peach-toned nude, “Water Deities”-a lighter bronze-toned pink, “Seducing Sound”-a bronze-toned plum, and “Modern Lure”-a deep violet with pink pearls. The lipglasses correspond really well with the lipsticks, but 3/4 have shimmer, so if you’re not a huge fan of shimmer you may not be too crazy about these lipglasses.


  • 2 Pearlglide Intense Eye Liners: “Black Line”(top) which is a black with olivey/bronze pearl, and “Black Swan”(bottom) which is a truer black with a regular pearlized shimmer.


  • 2 Lip Pencils: “What Comes Naturally”(top)-a light nude, and “Half-Red”(bottom)-a soft burgundy.



  • 2 Bronzing Powders: “Golden” (left) is a muted, lighter golden beige with soft shimmer, while “Refined Golden” (right) is a deeper tan colour. “Golden” is perfect for lighter skin tones. These bronzers are more frosty and pigmented, yet are still sheer enough that they are very buildable. I personally find them to be much more impressive than the Extra Dimension bronzers.


  • 3 Nail Lacquers: (left to right) “Submerged”-a deeper teal with frosty chrome, “Neptune”-a tarnished gold, and “Shimmerfish” which is a silver-toned sparkling platinum.



The collection also includes 2 brushes and a cute makeup case!

My thoughts:I regret to say that I am a little disappointed with this collection. There was a lot of hype and I was SO excited, but when I saw the collection in person I was not that impressed. The blushes and bronzers really didn’t seem very pigmented, although many people prefer that for a sheerer, more controlled application. The eyeshadows look gorgeous but I really only loved Lorelai and Soul Serenade. As for the lipglasses/lipsticks, I didn’t love any enough to purchase them, sadly. That being said, I do think it is a lovely collection. While it may not be the best MAC has ever done, there are some gems (Lorelei Eyeshadow and Refined Golden Bronzer are gorgeous!) and I am a sucker for unique limited edition packaging.

Bottomline: I have mixed feelings on this collection: there are some great items and decent-but-not-overly-impressive items. The pictures on the MAC website do not truly depict the colours/pigmentation, so I definitely recommend going in store to look and get a feel for the colours/textures if you’re interested in the collection!

You can read about what I DID purchase here!

What are your thoughts on the collection?


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