Mac Alluring Aquatic Collection-Mini Haul

My review on the collection (which you can read here) was quite lengthly, so I thought I would make a separate post about what I purchased. While I did have some mixed feelings about the collection, I have a weak spot for limited edition things, and simply could not resist getting a few of the products.

mac alluring aqua cover


The packaging is unique and tactile, I love the teal and the water-droplet effects!



I purchased:

PicMonkey Collage.jpg


  • “Lorelei” and “Soul Serenade” eyeshadows. Most of the eyeshadows were too green or plum-toned for me, with the exception of these 2. “Lorelei” is a GORGEOUS shimmery golden-beige. I have a serious addiction to this sort of colour, it’s absolutely stunning. “Soul Serenade” is described as a deep plum-brown, but to be perfectly honest I see it as more of a dark shimmer with VERY subtle plum undertones, and more of a silver sparkle (honestly, it looks like more of a dark blackish silver to me). It definitely doesn’t look nearly as purple-toned as some of the others.
  • “Refined Golden” bronzer: I really love this bronzer, its more pigmented than the others and works really well for more of a bronzed/tan look! It has fine sparkle that appears as more of a shimmer on the skin.
  • “Sea Me, Hear Me” blush: mac describes it as a beige-pink which I think is really inaccurate as it definitely has more of a plum-pink tone. It’s not super pigmented, however that can be a good thing as it’s really easy to apply and build the colour to your personal preference. This is such a nice not just for the summer, but for all year!

Here are some quick swatches: (respectively, from top to bottom)


Have you guys tried the Alluring Aquatic collection? What are your thoughts on it?


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