1 Year Blogiversary & My 100th Post: What I’ve Learned In A Year Of Blogging


This month marks the 1 year anniversary of my blog! It also happened to fall near my 100th post, so I thought I would make this a celebratory reflection of what I’ve learned throughout my first year in the blogging universe. 

So much has changed this past year, and I owe quite a lot of my personal growth to blogging. It started out as a “seems fun, I’ll give it a try and see where it goes” type of thing, and quickly developed into a passion and has helped me realize what I’d like to do in the future. It also helped to really focus my passion for beauty, and encouraged me to go to makeup artistry classes and get my certification. I now work as a beauty advisor and certified makeup artist in a beauty boutique-this likely would never have happened if I hadn’t have started blogging. It has helped me to connect with so many amazing people all across the globe, to learn, and to put passion into what I do. 

Here are some of the main things that I’ve learned, in no particular order: 

  1. Starting something new is scary, but if you can push past your fear or doubt, I can guarantee that you will be happy you did. 
  2. Try to avoid thinking the negative “what ifs”
  3. Find something that you love to write about, and write about it. 
  4. If you are passionate about something, it will show.
  5. Harness your passion like a beacon of light, and never stop encouraging it. 
  6. Don’t blog to be famous. Blog because you enjoy it.
  7. On a related note, don’t do anything to be famous. Sincerity is more important than popularity.  
  8. If you get caught up in competition, it will suck the joy out of the blogging experience. 
  9. There will always be someone with more followers, or a better blog. Stop comparing yourself to others, it’s incredibly damaging. 
  10. Yes, there are lots of bloggers. But the internet is immense; there is room for everyone. 
  11. Quality matters. Put time and effort into improving your content.
  12. It’s not the end of the world if you aren’t great at graphics or web design. There are programs and people to help with that.  
  13. Don’t get caught up in your follower count; if you focus on providing quality content and you do it with passion, the followers will come. 
  14. Don’t spam people to follow your blog. It looks desperate and insincere (and it’s really, really annoying). 
  15. Never stop trying to learn or improve. It’s a journey more than a destination.
  16. Make friends with other bloggers, so you can learn, teach, and embark on the journey together. 
  17. There are a lot of cruel people in the world. But there are also a lot of truly wonderful ones.
  18. Beauty bloggers, stop comparing yourself to other girls. You are beautiful, and you are you. Do not try to be anyone else, for your uniqueness is something to be cherished. 
  19. Girls can be vicious, but they can also be lovely. I have been lucky to meet so many of the latter. 
  20. Always be encouraging and supportive, even if you are envious. 
  21. Jealousy is a weight that will drag you down; free yourself of its shackles, and you will be able to see beauty in everything. 
  22. Always be open-minded. 
  23. In a world of billions of people, it is absurd to think that we should all be the same.
  24. Everyone has something valuable to contribute to this world. 
  25. Do not dim another’s light in order to make yours brighter. 
  26. Blogging takes time and effort, and too little of either will show. 
  27. Buying your domain name/URL is absolutely worth it. 
  28. Always spellcheck and re-read your posts. Always. If you aren’t sure of how to spell something, google it. (Seriously.) That being said, mistakes happen. Don’t be too embarrassed if someone points out a mistake. 
  29. “Definitely” and “Defiantly” are not the same word. Please understand this. 
  30. You do not, by any means, have to be a world-renowned writer to be a successful blogger. But writing well helps, and don’t underestimate the power of grammar. 
  31. Social media can be a weapon, but it can also be a great tool. Use it to meet and connect with people, and to share your work and ideas. 
  32. Don’t leave rude or negative comments. If you don’t like something or someone, don’t even exert the effort of trying to make them feel bad. Just exit the page, and move on with your life. 
  33. Blogging is a powerful creative outlet.
  34. Your work environment impacts the quality of your work. Find an area or place that you feel comfortable in, and treat is as your bat cave or place of solace. A positive blogging space means a positive blogging experience. 
  35. Try new things. Change up your theme, your style, or your even where you write.
  36. Write in a coffee shop. Write in a library. Write in the park. Different locations can mean different perspectives and ideas. 
  37. Try writing early in the morning, or late at night. Write during a sunrise, and write during a sunset. 
  38. Inspiration usually hits you at the least opportune of times. Keep a notebook or memo app on your phone, and try to get in the habit of writing down your ideas as soon as they hit you. (“I’ll totally remember this idea tomorrow morning.” No, you probably won’t.) 
  39. Do what you love, and if you work hard, success will follow. 
  40. Ultimately, what you get out of blogging is dependent upon what you put into it. 


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  1. May 6, 2014 / 4:08 pm

    Congratulations. There are so much exciting discoveries that awaits and new adventures in the blogging world. Hope you will have tons of them year after year.

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