New One Direction “That Moment” Perfume Review


Yes, you read that title right, and no it’s not a typo. One Direction is releasing a new perfume called “That Moment”. I know, it’s not really an original name considering their first fragrance is called “Our Moment.” However, this new fragrance is a special edition scent that was inspired by the original fragrance with some lovely new twists!

One Direction launched their “Our Moment” perfume  in 2013 and it was such a huge success that the fans (I am only slightly ashamed to admit that this includes myself) begged for more. You can read my review on their first fragrance here! 

“That Moment” is a special edition fragrance that features some of the main notes from the original fragrance, like grapefruit and jasmine, but they’ve added a bit of a twist with some new notes of green apple and violet! The scent is described as fruity, fresh, and floral with a soft warm undertone. It’s sweet, fun, flirty, and utterly delicious.

The top notes: apple, cucumber, tangerine

The mid notes: muguet (also known as “Lily of the Valley”) peony, violet

The dry notes: patchouli, creamy musk, cedarwood. Some people may be a little turned off by the dry notes, however they are so mild that they just offer a lovely warmth to the fragrance.

The bottle is a nearly identical shape to the previous, but the colour of the bottle is more of an opaque, ombre-like pink. The top cap-portion of the bottle is styled like a diamond, compared to the previous bottle which had tulle.


The scent collection will include the eau de parfum in 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml sizes, an eau de parfum rollerball, shower gel, and body lotion.


I fell in love with the original as soon as I smelled it, and while I didn’t think it was possible, they have managed to create a new fragrance that I love even more than the original. I became obsessed with this as soon as I smelled it! Hello new favourite summer fragrance! “That Moment” is warmer, fruitier, and less floral than “Our Moment” in my opinion.

The official release date for Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom is May 5th so make sure to keep your eyeballs peeled and your nostrils open for it-it’s absolutely wonderful!

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