Ralph Lauren Big Pony #4 Women’s Perfume Review


In case you couldn’t tell from my previous review of the Big Pony #2, I absolutely love the fragrances from the Big Pony collection-both men and women’s. So far, the #2 and #4 are my favourites. While #2 (the pink bottle) is girly and sweet, #4 has a bit of a different vibe to it.


Main notes: wild cherry and amber. The wild cherry gives it that delicious fruity vibe, while the amber adds the warmth.

Style: Sephora describes it as “edgy and refined, with a flair for the exotic,” and while it still has a bit of a floriental style to it, it is definitely a warmer scent that hints at a teensy bit of a spicy undertone. I would describe it as fashionable, daring, and edgy, while still having sweetness to it.

It’s a perfect combination of uniqueness, boldness, and soft femininity. While it is described as a bolder and more confident scent, it still maintains a classy subtlety and could absolutely be worn everyday.

The packaging: I love the sleekness of the bottle, and the whole collection is so nicely colorful. The #4 is a purple bottle with the pink pony logo, and a yellow “4” on the opposite side.

For some reason I find that the #4 lasts a bit longer than the #2, although both last fairly well!

Have you tried any of the Big Pony fragrances? Which is your favourite?


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