Ralph Lauren Big Pony #2 Women’s Perfume Review


Working in a Beauty Boutique has introduced me to many new fragrances from a variety of different brands. With spring and summer approaching, I find myself drawn towards the light, fruity, and sweet smells-all of which are embodied in the Ralph Lauren Big Pony #2 from the women’s collection.


#2 is from the Big Pony Women’s Collection, which is a series of 4 different scents. It’sĀ referred to as the “fruity sensual” or “floriental fruity” one of the collection, meant to appeal to the “alluring flirt with a romantic spirit” and is playful and light. The bottle itself was influenced by the iconic Ralph Lauren polo shirts, in a simplistic-yet-pretty pink bottle with a green traditional polo pony logo and a blue “2” on the back.


Main notes: Tonka Mousse (derived from the Tonka bean) & Cranberry

The first thing that you smell is a sweet fruity scent that develops into more of the sensual fruity vanilla as it wears. It’s delightfully uplifting and perfect for someone who likes sweeter scents. It’s a little on the girly side with it’s romantic notes, but it’s such a light and pretty scent that is truly perfect for summertime.

Staying power: because it is a lighter scent, I don’t find that it lasts quite as long as some of the more potent fragrances, but in the summer I prefer to avoid the really heavy fragrances anyway.

Bottomline: The Big Pony #2 is a beautifully light and sweet fragrance that is perfect for warm weather and sunshine. If you like scents that are more on the light, fruity, or sweet side, definitely give this a try!


I fell in love with it as soon as I smelled it, and have been wearing it pretty much every single day!

Have you tried this perfume? What are your thoughts?


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