Shimmer Eyeshadow Tutorial with Stila & Mac

This has been my go-to look lately, as I’ve been having so much fun experimenting with the tape & cut-crease techniques! I thought I would put together a quick pictorial on how I created this look! It’s super easy, and helps to make the eyes look so much bigger!

Products used:

  • Urban Decay Primer in “Eden”
  • Brown Pencil eyeliner (a really inexpensive one, unfortunately the name has worn off. It’s a simple brown pencil eyeliner with sparkle in it.
  • Mac “Brown Script” shadow
  • Stila “Sandstone” shadow
  • Mac “Bare Study” Paintpot
  • Stila “Kitten” shadow
  • Stila Stay All Day 24 hr liquid liner
  • Covergirl Clumpcrusher mascara


  1. Tape: This may seem like a really weird thing to do to your eye, but I promise that it is an amazing little trick. Take a piece of tape that is a couple of inches long, and place it carefully, so that it forms a clean line from the outside corner of your eye, to just below your eyebrow. I usually like to fold the bottom upwards so that it doesn’t stick too much to my under eye area. This also makes it easier to peel off at the end. Make sure there are as little bubbles/creases as possible.
  2. Line: Using your pencil liner, draw a line beginning from the outside corner (along the tape), and the bring it inwards along the crease, ending at about the midpoint of your eye. Any liner will do as long as it is blendable!
  3. Blend! I prefer a smaller brush to use as it really helps with precision and control. Blend along the tape and into the crease using light windshield-wiper motions. Lightly blend inwards towards the inner corner of the eye.
  4. Deepen: to deepen the brown, I used Stila’s “Sandstone.” To add some warmth, I took Mac’s “Brown Script” and blended it along the crease.
  5. Shimmer: for the shimmery, look, I applied Mac’s “Bare Study” paint pot on the inner portion of the eyelid, and then added Stila’s “Kitten” over top. I find that a thin, concealer-type brush works the best to deposit the colour and shimmer!
  6. Blend again: because the textures of the paint pot and Kitten are quite different than the typical shadow, I like to go in with a little bit of Brown Script and a fluffy brush to light blend any harsh lines.
  7. Line: Apply the eyeliner of your choice! I chose to go with a liquid liner, and use Stila’s Stay All Day 24 hr liner! For a softer look, you could definitely use a pencil liner.
  8. Remove tape: beginning at the bottom, gently lift the corner and pull upwards, as cleanly as possible! This will leave you with a clean and precise line!

Apply the mascara of your choice, and voila! Super easy!

What’s your go-to makeup look?


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