M.A.C Pro Haul With Swatches: Paint Pots, Extra Dimension Skinfinish, and More!

Eagerly checking the mailbox everyday for its arrival was growing rather tiresome after several weeks, but after what has seemed like an eternity, I FINALLY received my M.A.C Pro Card in the mail! 

To say that I was much like a child in a candy store would be an immense understatement. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that I experienced a genuine adrenaline rush, with goosebumps and all. Are these symptomatic of being a shopaholic? Perhaps. 

Now, I tried to resist the urge to buy absolutely everything, so this shall be the first of many M.A.C hauls to come in the future. I really have tried to pace myself over the last two months, and it has taken an immense amount of restraint. I was so excited to try these things, so mostly all of them have been used and are therefore not in a pristinely new condition. Sorry, but I just could not resist! 


The first purchases were cheek products:


  • Extra Dimension Skinfinish in “Superb”- I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it in the Magnetic Nude collection display. It photographed darker than it really is, so in person it’s a lighter, peachy-ish nude with multidimensional shimmer. It looks a tad similar to “Soft and Gentle” and makes an absolutely gorgeous highlighter. 
  • Sheertone Blush in “Gingerly”-I’ve been on the hunt for a good blush to wear with bold/red lips; so, one that doesn’t overpower or clash with a red lip. Gingerly is a tan tone with just a hint of peach to add a nice glow without looking flat or brown. 

Next, were eye products! 


  • “Vintage Selection” Pro Longwear Paint Pot: A frosted, “dirty peach” shade, that has a bit of greyish-pink tone
  • “Bare Study” Pro Longwear Paint Pot: So far, this has been my absolute favourite. It’s a neutral, light-beige tone with soft shimmer. When applied over the natural pink-tone of the eyelid, it turns into a beautiful light champagne colour. 
  • “Perky” Pro Longwear Paint Pot: a creamy, coral-pink with a white pearlescent glow. This would make an absolutely gorgeous base for a pink eyeshadow look! 
  • “Blanc Type” Matte eyeshadow: a creamy, off-white beige with a pure matte finish. I think a colour like this is a must-have! 

Last, but definitely not least: lips! 


  • Lovelorn: a light, blue-pink with a lustre finish
  • Diva: a rich, red-brown burgundy with a matte finish 
  • Morning Rose: a soft, brown-pink rose colour with a slight shimmer (very soft, not sparkly at all!) 
  • Heroine: a gorgeous, bright purple with a matte finish 


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