On Police Officers and Brutality: From the Daughter of a Cop


I know that this is not the sort of post that I typically make, as this is a beauty blog. However, I have been seeing so much cop-bashing on line and in the media lately, and I decided to offer my perspective on the subject. 

As a disclaimer, I am not defending any cops who have committed acts of brutality or human rights violations. I am simply attempting to illustrate that not all cops act in this manner, and the importance of realizing this.

There seems to be a lot of negative talk against police officers lately, suggesting that they are horrible, immoral, and can’t be trusted. It almost seems as though hating police officers has become a sort of activism.

As a daughter of a man who has been a police officer for over 20 years, I’d like to offer my perspective on this.


Yes, there have been many instances in which police officers have exercised unnecessary brutality. There have been police officers who have committed horrible acts of indecency simply because they think that they have the power to do so. Yes, in some places of the world, the police force is controlled by corrupt government and authority.

However, this does not mean that all police officers are horrible, brutal, immoral monsters. To associate this mentality with the entire concept of the police as a global entity is both ignorant and incorrect.

There have been countless instances in which military soldiers have been “on duty” where they were “fighting for our freedom” and have committed gruesome human rights violations to prisoners, war criminals, as well as innocent people. If you don’t believe me, I strongly suggest researching Abu Ghraib and the torture and prisoner abuse that occurred there at the hands of “our heroes”.

Yet we still honour and glorify them, despite the fact that many were in other countries killing people-people who may or may not have been innocent. And why? Because we know that not every soldier acts in this way. Not every soldier ties up prisoners, humiliates, and brutally abuses them. Not every soldier kills innocent Afghanistan civilians.

The same instances can be applied to police officers. People like my father, who have families, and who go to work everyday-catching people who have been wanted for murder, sexual assault, and pedophilia, fully knowing that not coming home to their families is a very possible reality. People who put their lives at risk to respond to calls that we make when we are scared or in danger, in circumstances that we cannot handle.

He has worked as a school resource officer-as many do-mentoring troubled youth and helping to keep drugs and gangs away from schools. He has gone to countless suicide calls in which he and his team have successfully prevented people from committing suicide.

To hear so many people overgeneralize police officers as corrupt monsters, is both ignorant and insulting to the good percentage of police officers who genuinely do risk their lives to protect us.

I see so many teenagers saying “fuck the police” because it seems as though it has become popular culture to do so. My question is: when these people are being robbed, attacked, or are in danger, who will they be turning to? That’s right: the very people that they brag about hating so much.

To take isolated incidences and apply them to police officers as a whole is simply fallacious. There are millions of murderers, psychopaths, and immoral people in society. Does this mean that absolutely everyone in society acts in this same way? No. While there are many examples of the negative aspects of humanity, it is important to remember and realize that it neither reflects nor defines every member of humanity.

I am in no way excusing the behaviour of some of these officers who have exercised unnecessary brutality, and have grossly violated human rights. I am, and always will be an advocate of human rights, morality, and equality.

My point in all of this is that all we tend to hear or see in the media is the small percentage of police officers that have made very bad decisions. We have allowed this to overpower the reality that not all police officers are like this. We see and hear people talking about how corrupt the police force is, and we allow that to affect our view, blind us to reality, and result in an unfortunate case of ignorant over generalizations.

Before you start talking about how much you hate the cops, try to think about how truly ignorant what you are saying is. And try to remember who you would be turning to if your house was being broken into or if you were being attacked. Think about the people, like my dad, who are simply doing their job because they truly want to help keep people like us safe.

Before you watch a video or read an internet story and snap to a conclusion about how horrible police officers are, recognize that there is always more to a story than appears.
Don’t limit yourself and your perspective to what is presented in the media or online. Don’t blindly accept what you see or hear as the absolute truth.

Ultimately, try to recognize that certain instances do not equal truths about everyone.

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