How to: Long-Lasting Red lips with Arbonne Lip Products!

I’ve gotten quite a few questions asking how to get cleaner, longer-lasting red lips, especially for people (like myself) with smaller or less-defined lips. So, I thought I’d put together a step-by-step pictorial on how I apply red lipstick to make my lips look bigger and more defined.


Products used: Arbonne Lip liner in “Cherry,” lipstick in “Strawberry red,” concealer in “Light” and Natural Radiance Mineral powder in “Porcelain” (not shown)


1. Exfoliate and moisturize lips prior to any colour application! (Especially important with a bold lip: nobody wants cracked or flakey lips!)

2. If your lips have more of a natural pink-colour to them, cancel this out by applying a small amount of foundation or concealer to neutralize the lip colour, and allow the lipstick’s true colour to show.

3. Line the lips! This step is crucial if your natural lip lines are not particularly defined, or if you have smaller lips. Using a lip liner helps to get a much more precise look, helps to correct lip shape, and can make your lips look dramatically bigger! The little “x” shape helps to create a more defined cupid’s bow. My lips look totally different in the first and last picture! If your lines are not 100% perfect, that’s alright as you will be filling the lips in and correcting lines after.

4. Fill the rest of the lips in with the liner. This helps to work as a base, allowing the lipstick to stick better and helping your look to last longer!

5. Apply a layer of lipstick. I choose to apply mine with a lip brush, as I find it’s a lot easier to control!

6. Clean up the edges using a q-tip!

7. Using a translucent/sheer powder, LIGHTLY dust your lips (I choose to use a fluffy brush as this distributes the product more lightly). This helps to set the product, prolonging the wear.

8. Apply another layer of lipstick!

9. Clean the edges/lines using a small amount of concealer

And voila! It’s amazing the difference that liner and lipstick can make!

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