DIY Christmas Decorations: Decorative Twigs & Candle Holders

I’ve always wanted to get into the whole DIY/crafty part of the Holiday season, and decided that this would be the year I finally put my mind to it! After spotting some spray glitter and spray snow at home, I was hit with a wave of Christmas inspiration!

The first project of today was to add a little bit of a holiday twist to one of our living room decorations: a vase with extremely large twigs. The second project was adding a bit of a holiday-glam style to plain candle holders.

What you’ll need:

  • A flat, protected/covered surface
  • Twigs/branches/decoration of your choice
  • Snow Spray
  • Glitter Spray
  • Candle Holders/Mason Jars/Any container-like contraption, really
  • Masking tape/Painter’s Tape


Project #1:

The vase was purchased at Winners, and the long twigs were purchased at Ikea!



The vase was purchased at Winners, and the long twigs were purchased at Ikea! I thought it would be nice to add some festive splashes to it! I started out only with adding a few snow-dusted branches, and might add more later!




Begin by protecting the surface that you’re going to be working on-this glitter spray goes EVERYWHERE!


Place the extremely large twigs on the covered surface


Begin by spraying the twigs with the Snow Spray (make sure to hold the can several inches away from whatever you’re spraying!)

Then spray the silver glitter spray right over top, while the snow spray is still wet.


And that’s pretty much it! Simple, right?? If you plan on trying this at home, make sure to let them dry for about half an hour before moving them! For even better results and staying power, I definitely recommend spraying them with a sealant spray (which can be purchased at most craft & home decorating stores).

Final result: a simple way to add a soft holiday touch! I’m definitely going to be adding more snow-dusted twigs to it!


Project #2

Take your candle holders/jars/etc. I found these two hollow candle holders and thought that they would look much prettier with fake snow and soft glitter!


Begin by taking your painter’s tape and wrapping it around the jar. Where you place the tape will depend on how thick of a snow/glitter rim you want.


Holding the can a few inches away from the jar, hold the jar facing downwards and spray with the Snow Spray.


Then spray with the glitter spray,and let it sit for a few minutes upside down (notice the other jar in the background) just in case any spray residue drifts.

Then slowly remove the tape!



As an extra optional step, you can take the glitter spray and lightly spray it all around the rest of the jar for a soft sparkle! Again, this also works better when finished with a sealant spray.

And voila!

P1020490 P1020488

I can’t believe how easy and simple these projects were! I will definitely be attempting more this Christmas season!



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  2. December 9, 2013 / 7:44 pm

    These are some really cute and very simple projects that anyone can undertake for the holiday season. I am glad that I came across this post. I especially like the candle holders!

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