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The change of season usually brings a change in style & trends, which can be tiresome to follow for some people, but exciting for others. I belong to the latter group, full of people who love to watch trends change and try different things.

All summer, my go-to makeup look consisted of softer eyes, a warm glow with bronzer, and soft pink/peach lips.

But as several inches of snow outside suggest, it is no longer summer. Which means that it’s time to try a different look! I absolutely love deeper colours in the fall and winter; something about snow outside makes me crave a red lip. I have been hugely into the red and berry lips this season, especially when paired with a frosty eye!




This has definitely been my favourite look so far. Something about a red lip and a frosty eye makes me feel so glamorous!

What are your favourite makeup looks this season?

For a description of the products used in this look, click here!

For a closer look at the eyes & a review on the eyeshadows used, click here!

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  1. November 25, 2013 / 12:17 pm

    Wow your eye make up is gorgeous!

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